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A set of best practices and utilities for building Backbone.js applications.

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api Moved fake API to use sinon
app upgrade to activities 0.6 and do a jam upgrade
assets Merged with upstream
node_modules Added compass watch grunt task.
test Added toBeHtml matcher. Spec for detail module
vendor upgrade to activities 0.6 and do a jam upgrade
.gitignore Updated build tools. Bug #185 of base project outstanding. Added alpha-5 to buildtools instructions
config.rb Updated grunt build tools. Fixed Handlebars build error
grunt.js Updated bootstrapping logic. Added instructions to build project.
index.html Made new structure work with build tools
package.json update project structure to reflect upstream A little housekeeping
spec.html Added toBeHtml matcher. Spec for detail module

Mobile Backbone Boilerplate

A mobile-optimised version of the original Backbone Boilerplate project. Comes complete with a typical list-detail example application.


Backbone Boilerplate

This boilerplate is the product of much research and frustration. Existing boilerplates freely modify Backbone core, lack a build process, and are very prescriptive; Backbone Boilerplate changes that.

Organize your application with a logical file structure, develop your Models/Collections/Views/Routers inside modules, and build knowing you have efficient code that will not bottleneck your users.

Thanks to our Contributors!

Special Thanks to: cowboy, iros, nimbupani, wookiehangover, and jugglinmike for helping me create this project.

Extra Special Thanks to: Paul Guinan for giving me usage rights to his fantastic Boilerplate character.


View the Backbone Boilerplate documentation here:

GitHub Wiki

Build process

To use the new and improved build process, please visit the grunt-bbb plugin repo and follow the instructions to install. Basing your project off this repo will allow the bbb commands to work out-of-the-box.

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