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Better Erlang Support for Sublime Text

Sublime Text comes with basic support for the Erlang programming language, but most of it is just copied from TextMate and suffers from annoying bugs. This repository contains a much-improved Erlang package.

  • Hand-tuned grammar definitions for Erlang, Leex and Yecc
  • Goto Symbol works correctly
  • Improved auto-match
  • Snippets that make your life easier when writing Erlang code

Build Systems

This package comes with a build system definition for rebar. It runs rebar in the project folder containing the current file.

There is also a build system that runs erlc.


  • clone this repository into the ST Packages folder
  • remove the Erlang folder inside your ST2 Packages folder or (more elegant) disable the Erlang package in your User Settings file.

This package is not yet available through Package Control. I recommend tracking this repository using Package Control's "Add Repository" command.


The syntax files (.tmLanguage) are built from JSON sources using a custom build system. If you modify a grammar, please do so in the JSON file and then regenerate the XML. The XML files should be committed alongside your changes to the JSON source.

You are kindly invited to use the included Sublime Text project file.

To build all grammar files from the command line, run:


Pull requests and issues are welcome.