A tiling window manager for OS X, written in tranquil.
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A tiling window manager for OS X; written in tranquil.

A screenshot of it running on my machine (Along with a couple of other hacks to get rid of distractions such as the menubar & rounded corners)

Another one (With even more hacks, that aren't ready for public consumption yet; even has focus following mouse :)


  • Download & install tranquil
  • Make sure "Access for Assistive Devices" is enabled in Accessibility Preferences
  • Clone xnomad, and execute ./xnomad

OS X 10.8 or newer is required.

included layouts

  • Multi column
  • Tall
  • Wide
  • Fullscreen
  • Additional ones are easy to write


In order to make the most of xnomad, I recommend you also install afloat. It will add shortcuts for making windows floating (and therefore ignored by xnomad) and resizing/moving windows without having to spend precious milliseconds looking for the window edges.

Another nice addition is menufela which hides the menubar)

The rounded corner hack is discussed under this issue: https://github.com/fjolnir/xnomad/issues/6

keyboard shortcuts

By default xnomad uses ctrl + option as mod1 and ctrl + shift + option as mod2. You can change all these by editing ./xnomad.

  • mod1 + j — focus the next window clockwise
  • mod1 + k — focus the next window anticlockwise
  • mod1 + return — move the focused window to or from the main pane
  • mod1 + l — make the main pane wider
  • mod1 + h — make the main pane narrower
  • mod1 + . — add the focused window to the main pane
  • mod1 + , — remove the focused window from the main pane
  • mod1 + w — focus the primary display
  • mod1 + e — focus the secondary display
  • mod2 + w — move the focused window to the primary display
  • mod2 + e — move the focused window to the secondary display
  • mod2 + j — move the focused window one place clockwise
  • mod2 + k — move the focused window one place anticlockwise
  • mod2 + space — change layout