Print WordPress posts as PDF. Optional with Geshi highlighting.
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Contributors: fkrauthan
Donate link:
Wordpress plugin page:
Tags: print, printer, wp-mpdf, pdf, mpdf
Requires at least: 2.9
Tested up to: 4.8.2 Stable tag: 3.3

Print Wordpress posts as PDF. Optional with Geshi highlighting.


Print Wordpress posts as PDF. Optional with Geshi highlighting. It also has support for password protected posts and only logged in users can print post as pdf support.



  • Fixed some small bugs
  • Updated mpdf to version 6
  • Updated geshi to latest version
  • Made plugin compatible with PHP 7


  • Fixed admin menu call


  • Fixed options menu with recent Wordpress versions (thanks to NickGreen)
  • Removed a call to a deprecated method


  • Added option to replace the pdf button images
  • Fixed a bug where 0 for pdf margin was interpreted as no value set


  • Added removed font folder (again...)


  • Added missing files
  • Fixed a php warning (thanks to Menelao)
  • Fixed a temp folder issue (thanks to shortster)


  • Fixed cache dir guessing


  • Added nofollow option to the pdf download buttons (default: not enabled)
  • If cache folder within the plugin folder is not writable check for cache folder within the mpdf template folder


  • Added missing font folder
  • Updated mpdf lib to version 3.7.1


  • Fixed some issues with wordpress 3.7
  • Changed template loading (templates loaded from the custom template folder. If it can't find a template there it tries to load it from the plugin template folder.)
  • Updated mpdf lib to version 5.7
  • Moved all tmp directories to one folder (plugin_direcotry/tmp. Don't forget to give write permission for this folder)
  • Removed not needed files and directories for the mpdf lib


  • Removed some deprecated calls (thanks to Permarad)
  • Fixed some php warnings (thanks to Jason Judge)
  • Fixed the readme
  • Added the possibility to translate the ui (at the moment frontend only)


  • Added some hooks and actions to the plugin (thanks to Danny)


  • Updating mpdf lib to version 5.6.1


  • Fixed category link in the templates


  • Fixed pdf link id to class (thanks to ZilverDragOn)


  • Fixed project homepage link again


  • Fixed project homepage link


  • Disable printing of password protected posts without entering passwort first


  • Add french language templates (thanks to Patrick)


  • Add template option to enable HTML in Header and Footer


  • Updateing mpdf lib to version 5.3
  • Add a small fix for image paths. Thanks to Mário Kašuba.


  • Disable wrong anotations in PDFs (thanks to misenko)
  • Fix image printing for multi instance wordpress setups (thanks to stephen7cohen)


  • Fix version number


  • Add a debug option (You must create a folder called debug in the wp-mpdf root folder)


  • Set the tmp path for mpdf
  • Add codepage selection to the admin menu


  • Update the german template translation (Thank you for your help Andreas)
  • Updateing mpdf lib to version 4.6
  • Fix formating for the default english template


  • Fix a small image bug


  • Updating mpdf lib
  • Add option to select a user for cron generating of pdfs for cache


  • Now the content filter would be added to the pdf file. So all content plugins should work at pdf print now.
  • Remove some broaken wp-mpdf filters


  • There goes somthing worng. This version should work correct again.


  • Fix a copy and paste bug


  • Fix relativ links


  • Fix a encoding problem (Thanks to swwwolf)
  • Add geshi line number print as a option


  • Now the bug is completly fixed :)


  • The bug is at the moment not fixed.


  • Spaces and Tabs are now correct at pre tags. (Thanks to mark for his help)


  • Now to add new Posts to the black-/white-list, you only must select it from a dropdown


  • Added the option to add a text if you have checked "need login" and a user isn't logged in
  • Added an option to set "need login" per post
  • Added an option to set an own pdf name
  • Added an optional download statistic
  • Now removing cache file and database entry when a post/page is deleted


  • Fixed a new image print bug


  • Added the option to allow pdf print only to users who are logged in
  • Added a script that you can call by cron to create templates in the background (if you have caching enabled)


  • Added a missing file


  • Fixed two small include bugs
  • Fixed a php4 issue


  • Some small bugfixes
  • PDF Template support (now you can also use a pdf file as a template): If you need this please write me a mail so I can tell you how it works.


  • Added two vars to the templates for using PDF Templates


  • Added option to make a black list instead of a white list
  • Added button to clear all selected posts on the black/white list


  • Fixed the pdf button function e.g. when using this function on the archive page


  • Fixed a small pre html tag problem


  • Fixed an image printing bug
  • Cleaned some code parts which aren't needed
  • Changed PDF author and creator string
  • Moved the theme dir from the plugin dir to wp-content/wp-mpdf-themes
  • Now you can access the plugin config under settings and not any longer under plugins


  • Fixed an encoding problem again


  • Added function parameter for pdfbutton to link to a new page for PDF Print
  • Added function to display only for some Posts and Pages the PDF print


  • Fixed a <pre> problem with newlines


  • Fixed an encoding problem
  • Converted <pre> to <div class="pre"> to prevent a pdf print bug


  • Created an admin panel


  • Released the Plugin


  1. Upload the whole plugin folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  2. Set write permission (777) to the plugin dir folder => /wp-content/plugins/wp-mpdf/cache
  3. Go to the plugins page and activate the plugin.
  4. Add to your template "<?php if(function_exists('mpdf_pdfbutton')) mpdf_pdfbutton(); ?>" as a small button or "<?php if(function_exists('mpdf_pdfbutton')) mpdf_pdfbutton(false, 'my link', 'my login text'); ?>" as a textlink. The second text specifies the text which should displayed if you have checked "needs login" and a user isn't loggend in. (if you wish to open the pdf print in a new tab you may pass "true" for the first parameter)
  5. You can adjust some options: in your admin interface, click on plugins and then on wp-mpdf. For allowing or disabling pdf export you can use the checkbox when creating/editing a post or a page.
  6. Place your templates into /wp-content/wp-mpdf-themes

The mpdf_pdfbutton function signature: function mpdf_pdfbutton($opennewtab=false, $buttontext = '', $logintext = 'Login!', $print_button = true, $nofollow = false, $options = array())

The options array supports 'pdf_lock_image' => '/my/image/path/relative/to/wordpress/route' and 'pdf_image' => '/my/image/path/relative/to/wordpress/route' to overwrite which icon should be used.


This file is part of wp-mpdf.

wp-mpdf is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

wp-mpdf is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with wp-mpdf. If not, see

Publish to wordpress

Setup svn

You need to install the subversion client on your local system

Commit changes to git

Make sure that all your changes are committed to the repository. The deployment script will stop in case there are uncommitted changes to prevent any mistakes.

Publish new version

You just need to execute the script. It will take care of some basic validation and the full publish process.