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Major changes in 0.10

This is the first release in a new series of stable releases called
0.10.x. New features will be added to 0.11.x, and bugfixes will be
backported to 0.10.x. During the early phase of the 0.10.x series we
may also backport minor features, but we guarantee backwards

Changes since 0.9.99

  • Added the flatpak config option which can set the language settings
  • Fix issue where sometimes ld.so.conf were not generated
  • /dev/mali0 is added to --device=dri
  • Work around ostree static delta issues in some cases
$ sha256sum flatpak-0.10.0.tar.xz 
57920502e154088e8a1776137e98786d53736daa92bb49c0920a0df1b7032da9  flatpak-0.10.0.tar.xz