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This project is no longer maitained. If you've been using the boilerplate, it will work well and good. Latest version of redux and react hooks patterns are not used in the boilerplate and it is not recommended to start a new project with this boilerplate in 2020.

react redux boilerplate banner

A minimal, beginner friendly React-Redux boilerplate with all the industry best practices

Created by Dinesh Pandiyan

Why? start with why

The whole React community knows and will unanimously agree that react-boilerplate is the ultimate starter template for kickstarting a React project. It's setup with all the industry best practices and standards. But it also has a lot more than what you just need to start a react-redux app. It took me quite some time to get my head around what was happening in the codebase and it's clearly not for starters. They quote this right in their readme,

Please note that this boilerplate is production-ready and not meant for beginners! If you're just starting out with react or redux, please refer to instead. If you want a solid, battle-tested base to build your next product upon and have some experience with react, this is the perfect start for you.

So it involves a lot of additional learning curve to get started with react-boilerplate. That's why I forked it, stripped it down and made this leaner, beginner friendly boilerplate without all the additional complexity.


This boilerplate features all the latest tools and practices in the industry.

  • React.js - React 16, React Router 5
  • Redux.js - Redux saga and Reselect
  • Babel - ES6, ESNext, Airbnb and React/Recommended config
  • Webpack - Webpack 4, Hot Reloading, Code Splitting, Optimized Prod Build and more
  • Test - Jest with Enzyme
  • Lint - ESlint
  • Styles - SCSS Styling

Here are a few highlights to look out for in this boilerplate

Instant feedback
Enjoy the best DX (Developer eXperience) and code your app at the speed of thought! Your saved changes to the CSS and JS are reflected instantaneously without refreshing the page. Preserve application state even when you update something in the underlying code!
Next generation JavaScript
Use template strings, object destructuring, arrow functions, JSX syntax and more, today.
Component Specific Styles
Separate styles for each component. Style in the good old scss way but still keep it abstracted for each component.
Industry-standard routing
It's natural to want to add pages (e.g. `/about`) to your application, and routing makes this possible.
Predictable state management
Unidirectional data flow allows for change logging and time travel debugging.
We support SEO (document head tags management) for search engines that support indexing of JavaScript content. (eg. Google)

But wait... there's more!

  • The best test setup: Automatically guarantee code quality and non-breaking changes. (Seen a react app with 99% test coverage before?)
  • The fastest fonts: Say goodbye to vacant text.
  • Stay fast: Profile your app's performance from the comfort of your command line!
  • Catch problems: TravisCI setup included by default, so your tests get run automatically on each code push.

Quick start

  1. Clone this repo using git clone
  2. Move to the appropriate directory: cd react-redux-boilerplate.
  3. Run yarn or npm install to install dependencies.
  4. Run npm start to see the example app at http://localhost:3000.

Now you're ready build your beautiful React Application!


These are the things I stripped out from react-boilerplate - github project rules, ngrok tunneling, shjs, service worker, webpack dll plugin, i18n, styled-components, code generators and a few more.


MIT license, Copyright (c) 2018 Dinesh Pandiyan.