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kingshard 中文主页

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kingshard is a high-performance proxy for MySQL powered by Go. Just like other mysql proxies, you can use it to split the read/write sqls. Now it supports basic SQL statements (select, insert, update, replace, delete). The most important feature is the sharding function. Kingshard aims to simplify the sharding solution of MySQL. The Performance of kingshard is about 80% compared to connecting to MySQL directly.


1. Basic Function

  • Splits reads and writes
  • Client's ip ACL control.
  • Transaction in single node.
  • Support limiting the max count of connections to MySQL database.
  • Support setting the backend database online or offline dynamically.
  • Supports prepared statement: COM_STMT_PREPARE, COM_STMT_EXECUTE, etc.
  • Support multi slaves, and load balancing between slaves.
  • Support reading master database forcely.
  • Support last_insert_id().
  • Support MySQL backends HA.
  • Support set the charset of proxy.
  • Support SQL blacklist.
  • Support dynamically changing the config value of kingshard.

2. Sharding Function

  • Support hash,range and date sharding across multiple nodes.
  • Support sending sql to the specified node.
  • Support most commonly used functions, such as max, min, count, sum, and also support join, limit, order by,group by.


  1. Install Go
  2. git clone $GOPATH/src/
  3. cd $GOPATH/src/
  4. source ./
  5. make
  6. set the config file (etc/ks.yaml)
  7. run kingshard (./bin/kingshard -config=etc/ks.yaml)

Details of kingshard

1.How to use kingshard building a MySQL cluster


kingshard is under the Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE directory for details.