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sVim is a Safari extension with shortcuts similar to Vim. The functionality of sVim will mostly follow the Chrome extension cVim.

Get it

  • Download the latest release
  • Releases and release notes are all uploaded to Github on the releases page
  • The extension will update via Safari Extension Updates



Keyboard Command Description Mapping Name
"j" scroll down scrollDown
"k" scroll up scrollUp
"h" scroll left scrollLeft
"l" scroll right scrollRight
"d" scroll half-page down scrollPageDown
"e", "u" scroll half-page up scrollPageUp
"shift+d" scroll full-page down scrollFullPageDown
"shift+e" scroll full-page up scrollFullPageUp
"shift+g" scroll to bottom of the page scrollToBottom
"g g" scroll to top of the page scrollToTop
"0" scroll to the left of the page scrollToLeft
"$" scroll to the right of the page scrollToRight
"g i" go to the first input box goToInput
"g n" find a "next page" link and navigate to it gotoNextPage
"g p" find a "previous page" link and navigate to it gotoPrevPage
"r" reload the current tab reloadTab
"z i" zoom page in zoomPageIn
"z o" zoom page out zoomPageOut
"z 0" zoom page to original size zoomOrig
"g r" toggle Safari reader if possible toggleReader
"g v" show sVimrc page showsVimrc
"g ?" open help page in new tab help
Tab Navigation
"g t", "shift+k" navigate to the next tab nextTab
"g shift+t", "shift+j" navigate to the previous tab previousTab
"g 0" go to the first tab firstTab
"g $" go to the last tab lastTab
"g l" go to the last active tab that's still open lastActiveTab
"x" close the current tab quit
"g x shift+t" close the tab to the left of the current tab closeTabLeft
"g x t" close the tab to the right of the current tab closeTabRight
"g x 0" close all tabs to the left of the current tab closeTabsToLeft
"g x $" close all tabs to the right of the current tab closeTabsToRight
"shift+x" open the last closed tab lastClosedTab
"ctrl+shift+x" open the last closed tab in background lastClosedTabBackground
"t" open new tab newTab
"shift+h" go back in history goBack
"shift+l" go forward in history goForward
"shift+," move current tab left moveTabLeft
"shift+." move current tab right moveTabRight
"g u" navigate to parent directory parentDirectory
"g shift+u" navigate to top directory topDirectory
"g d" navigate to parent domain parentDomain
"g h" navigate to home page homePage
Window Navigation
"w" open new window newWindow
"g w" navigate to the next window nextWindow
"g shift+w" navigate to the previous window previousWindow
"escape", "ctrl+[" enter normal mode normalMode
"i" enter insert mode insertMode
Link Hints
"f" open link in current tab createHint
"shift+f" open link in new background tab createTabbedHint
"ctrl+shift+f" open link in new foreground tab createForegroundHint
"y y" copy current URL to clipboard yankDocumentUrl


  • The sVimrc page is where you can customize sVim settings and css.
  • You can access the page by pressing g v or via the extension settings in Safari.
  • The sVimrc and sVimcss files can be synced via gist.
    • The gist id is found at the end of the url when viewing the gist.
    • Note it does not matter the name of your gist or the file, sVim will just grab the first file from the gist id supplied. I use sVim.rc and sVim.css.
  • For simplicity, strings in sVimrc should be wrapped in ".
  • Save the sVimrc page with command+s.
  • Goto or switch between sVimrc and sVimcss with ctrl+w.

sVimrc Commands

  • set
    • Used for boolean settings.
    • Prepend no to setting name to unset.
    • Set smooth scroll with set smoothscroll and unset with set nosmoothscroll.
  • let
    • Used to set non-boolean settings.
    • These settings can be of type integer, string or array.
    • Set new tab url like let newtaburl = "".
    • Set scroll step like let scrollstep = 100.
    • Set black lists like let blacklists = ["*://*", "*://*"].
  • map
    • Used to set/overwrite shortcuts.
    • sVim uses Mousetrap for shortcuts and keyboard commands should follow it's format.
    • You can use leader with <Leader> in the keyboard command.
    • Set the down arrow key to scroll down with map "down" scrollDown.
    • Set the leader key + the J key to scroll down with map "<Leader> j" scrollFullPageDown.
  • unmap
    • Used to remove a shortcut.
    • Remove j shortcut with unmap "j".
  • unmapAll
    • Used to remove all current shortcuts with unmapAll.
  • "
    • Used to add comments to sVimrc.
    • Comment by adding " to the beginning of the line (inline not supported).
    • Add comment like " This is a comment.

sVimrc Settings

Setting Name Description Type Default
preventdefaultesc prevent escape from exiting full screen, if unset then only prevent when not in normal mode boolean true
smoothscroll use smooth scrolling boolean true
fullpagescrollpercent percent of the page to scroll by when using scrollFullPageUp and scrollFullPageDown integer 85
lastactivetablimit number of last active tabs to remember integer 25
lastclosedtablimit number of closed tabs to remember integer 25
scrollduration duration of smooth scrolling integer 30
scrollstep amount of pixels scrolled when using scrollUp and scrollDown integer 60
zoomstep percent to zoom when using zoomPageIn and zoomPageOut integer 10
hintcharacters characters to be used in link hint mode string "asdfgqwertzxcvb"
homeurl url to use as home page string "topsites://"
mapleader key string ""
newtaburl url to use as the default new tab url string "topsites://"
blacklists disable sVim on the sites matching one of the patterns array []
nextpagetextpatterns a list of regex patterns used to find the "next page" link on the page array ["Next"]
prevpagetextpatterns a list of regex patterns used to find the "prev page" link on the page array ["Previous"]

sVimrc Example

" Settings
set nosmoothscroll
let fullpagescrollpercent = 100
let lastactivetablimit = 50;
let lastclosedtablimit = 50;
let scrollduration = 25
let scrollstep = 65
let zoomstep = 15
let hintcharacters = "1234567890";
let homeurl = "";
let mapleader = ","
let newtaburl = ""
let blacklists = ["*://*", "*://*"]
let nextpagetextpatterns = ["Next"]
let prevpagetextpatterns = ["Prev(ious)?"]

" Shortcuts
map "q" nextTab
map "shift+q" previousTab
map "<Leader> h" closeTabLeft
map "<Leader> l" closeTabRight
map "down" scrollDown
map "up" scrollUp
map "left" scrollLeft
map "right" scrollRight
map "space" scrollFullPageDown


Safari extension with shortcuts similar to Vim



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