Javascript binding of AS3(.swf) zxing to read QR-codes from Webcam
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example fixed for safari and ff Dec 11, 2012

(sorry guys, I am not maintaining this project, check out this fork there may be others too)


This project is a simple ActionScript3 rip of Google zxing-lib, in order to read QR codes from webcam and trigger a js callback.

For possible uses, inspiration and some use, see my_blog_post
The webcam is initialized as 640x480. The swf only display the webcam in real-time


For most comprehensive use see example/ Use Firebug or Chrome Console to see results happening.


Use as you want, just be sure that your project is compatible with ZXing's Apache License 2.0

FAQ or important

You may experience trouble trying to run this locally on Unix systems, for that matter, you may either try on Windows or create a small localhost server.

This lib has been tested on Windows and Ubuntu, on a 640x480 webcam. Feedback is appreciated.