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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Use ./install REMOTE to use remote gem sources.
local_or_remote = ARGV.include?('REMOTE') ? '' : '--local'
require File.expand_path '../version', __FILE__
puts "Installing all gems."
system "cd server; gem build picky.gemspec; gem install picky-*.gem #{local_or_remote} --no-rdoc --no-ri; rm picky-*.gem"
system "cd client; gem build picky-client.gemspec; gem install picky-client-*.gem #{local_or_remote} --no-rdoc --no-ri; rm picky-client-*.gem"
system "cd statistics; gem build picky-statistics.gemspec; gem install picky-statistics-*.gem #{local_or_remote} --no-rdoc --no-ri; rm picky-statistics-*.gem"
system "cd generators; gem build picky-generators.gemspec; gem install picky-generators-*.gem #{local_or_remote} --no-rdoc --no-ri; rm picky-generators-*.gem"
system "cd live; gem build picky-live.gemspec; gem install picky-live-*.gem #{local_or_remote} --no-rdoc --no-ri; rm picky-live-*.gem"
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