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Kamailio Exporter for Prometheus

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A Kamailio exporter for Prometheus.

It communicates with Kamailio using native BINRPC via the ctl module.

BINRPC is implemented in library

Getting Started

Pre-built binaries are available in releases.

To run it:

./kamailio_exporter [flags]

Help on flags:

./kamailio_exporter --help

      --help                 Show context-sensitive help (also try --help-long
                             and --help-man).
  -l, --web.listen-address=":9494"
                             Address to listen on for web interface and
                             Path under which to expose metrics.
  -u, --kamailio.scrape-uri="unix:/var/run/kamailio/kamailio_ctl"
                             URI on which to scrape kamailio. E.g.
                             "unix:/var/run/kamailio/kamailio_ctl" or
  -m, --kamailio.methods="tm.stats,sl.stats,core.shmmem,core.uptime"
                             Comma-separated list of methods to call. E.g.
                             "tm.stats,sl.stats". Implemented:
  -t, --kamailio.timeout=5s  Timeout for trying to get stats from kamailio.


The CTL module must be loaded by the Kamailio instance. If you are using kamcmd (and you probably are), the module is already loaded.

By default (if no parameters are changed in the config file), the ctl module exposes a Unix stream socket: /var/run/kamailio/kamailio_ctl. If you change it, specify the scrape URI with the --kamailio.scrape-uri flag. Example:

./kamailio_exporter -u "tcp://localhost:2049"


By default, the exporter will try to fetch values from the following commands:

  • tm.stats (requires the TM module)
  • sl.stats (requires the SL module)
  • core.shmmem
  • core.uptime

If you are using the DISPATCHER module, you can enable dispatcher.list as well:

./kamailio_exporter -m "tm.stats,sl.stats,core.shmmem,core.uptime,dispatcher.list"

List of exposed metrics:

# HELP kamailio_core_shmmem_fragments Number of fragments in shared memory.
# TYPE kamailio_core_shmmem_fragments gauge
# HELP kamailio_core_shmmem_free Free shared memory.
# TYPE kamailio_core_shmmem_free gauge
# HELP kamailio_core_shmmem_max_used Max used shared memory.
# TYPE kamailio_core_shmmem_max_used gauge
# HELP kamailio_core_shmmem_real_used Real used shared memory.
# TYPE kamailio_core_shmmem_real_used gauge
# HELP kamailio_core_shmmem_total Total shared memory.
# TYPE kamailio_core_shmmem_total gauge
# HELP kamailio_core_shmmem_used Used shared memory.
# TYPE kamailio_core_shmmem_used gauge
# HELP kamailio_core_uptime_uptime_total Uptime in seconds.
# TYPE kamailio_core_uptime_uptime_total counter
# HELP kamailio_dispatcher_list_target Target status.
# TYPE kamailio_dispatcher_list_target gauge
# HELP kamailio_exporter_failed_scrapes Number of failed kamailio scrapes
# TYPE kamailio_exporter_failed_scrapes counter
# HELP kamailio_exporter_total_scrapes Number of total kamailio scrapes
# TYPE kamailio_exporter_total_scrapes counter
# HELP kamailio_sl_stats_codes_total Per-code counters.
# TYPE kamailio_sl_stats_codes_total counter
# HELP kamailio_tm_stats_codes_total Per-code counters.
# TYPE kamailio_tm_stats_codes_total counter
# HELP kamailio_tm_stats_created_total Created transactions.
# TYPE kamailio_tm_stats_created_total counter
# HELP kamailio_tm_stats_current Current transactions.
# TYPE kamailio_tm_stats_current gauge
# HELP kamailio_tm_stats_delayed_free_total Delayed free transactions.
# TYPE kamailio_tm_stats_delayed_free_total counter
# HELP kamailio_tm_stats_freed_total Freed transactions.
# TYPE kamailio_tm_stats_freed_total counter
# HELP kamailio_tm_stats_rpl_generated_total Number of reply generated.
# TYPE kamailio_tm_stats_rpl_generated_total counter
# HELP kamailio_tm_stats_rpl_received_total Number of reply received.
# TYPE kamailio_tm_stats_rpl_received_total counter
# HELP kamailio_tm_stats_rpl_sent_total Number of reply sent.
# TYPE kamailio_tm_stats_rpl_sent_total counter
# HELP kamailio_tm_stats_total_local_total Total local transactions.
# TYPE kamailio_tm_stats_total_local_total counter
# HELP kamailio_tm_stats_total_total Total transactions.
# TYPE kamailio_tm_stats_total_total counter
# HELP kamailio_tm_stats_waiting Waiting transactions.
# TYPE kamailio_tm_stats_waiting gauge
# HELP kamailio_up Was the last scrape successful.
# TYPE kamailio_up gauge


With go1.11+, clone the project and:

go build

Dependencies will be fetch automatically.


Feel free to send pull requests.

How it works

How we implemented the exporter is explained in this blog post: