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📒 App Ideas Collection

Have you ever wanted to build something but you had no idea what to do? Just as authors sometimes have "writers block" it's also true for developers. This list is intended to solve this issue once and for all! 👍

These applications are:

  • great for improving your coding skills 💪;
  • great for experimenting with new technologies 🆕;
  • great for adding to your portfolio to impress your next employer/client 📁;
  • great for using as examples in tutorials (articles or videos) 📃;
  • easy to complete and also easily extendable with new features 👌;

This is not just a simple list of projects, but a collection that describes each project in enough detail so that you can develop it from the ground up!

Each project has the following features:

  1. A clear and descriptive objective;
  2. A list of User Stories which should be implemented (these stories act more as a guideline than a forced list of To-Do's. Feel free to add your own stories if you want);
  3. A list of bonus features that not only improve the base project, but also your skills at the same time (these are optional and should be attempted only after you have completed the required user stories)
  4. All the resources and links to help you find what you need to complete the project

Here you can watch a video about this repository.


Projects are divided into three tiers based on the knowledge and experience required to complete them.

Tier Developer Profile
1 Developers in the early stages of their learning journey. Those who are typically focused on creating user-facing applications.
2 Developers at an intermediate stage of learning and experience. They are comfortable in UI/UX, using development tools, and building apps that use API services.
3 Developers who have all of the above, and are learning more advanced techniques like implementing backend applications and database services.

🌟 - New Project

Tier-1: Beginner Projects

Name Short Description Tier
Bin2Dec Binary-to-Decimal number converter 1-Beginner
Border Radius Previewer Preview how CSS3 border-radius values affect an element 1-Beginner
Calculator Calculator 1-Beginner
Christmas Lights Simulate a string of Christmas lights 1-Beginner
Cause Effect App Click list item to display item details 1-Beginner
Color Cycle Cycle a color value through incremental changes 1-Beginner
Countdown Timer Event Countdown timer 1-Beginner
CSV2JSON App CSV to JSON converter 1-Beginner
Dollars to Cents Convert dollars to cents 1-Beginner
Dynamic CSS Variables Dynamically change CSS variable settings 1-Beginner
First DB App Your first Database app! 1-Beginner
Flip Image Change the orientation of images across two axes 1-Beginner
GitHub Status Display Current GitHub Status 1-Beginner
Hello User native language greeting 1-Beginner
IOT Mailbox Simulator Use callbacks to check your snail mail 1-Beginner
JS Input Validation Script to validate inputs entered by a user using RegEx 1-Beginner
JSON2CSV App JSON to CSV converter 1-Beginner
Key Value Keyboard Event Values 1-Beginner
Lorem Ipsum Generator Generate lorem ipsum placeholder text 1-Beginner
Notes App Create an online note pad 1-Beginner
Pearson Regression Calculate the correlation coefficient for two sets of data 1-Beginner
Pomodoro Clock Task timer to aid personal productivity 1-Beginner
Product Landing Page Showcase product details for possible buyers 1-Beginner
Quiz App Test your knowledge by answering questions 1-Beginner
Recipe App Recipe 1-Beginner
Random Meal Generator Generate random meals 1-Beginner
Random Number Generator Generate random number between range. 1-Beginner
Roman to Decimal Converter Convert Roman to Decimal numbers 1-Beginner
Slider Design Display images using a slider control 1-Beginner
Stopwatch App Count time spent on activities 1-Beginner
TrueOrFalse Identify the result of a conditional comparison 1-Beginner
Vigenere Cipher Encrypt text using the Vigenere Cypher 1-Beginner
Wind Chill Calculate the windchill factor from an actual temperature 1-Beginner
Word Frequency Calculate word frequency in a block of text 1-Beginner
Weather App Get the temperature, weather condition of a city. 1-Beginner

Tier-2: Intermediate Projects

Name Short Description Tier
Bit Masks Using Bit Masks for Conditions 2-Intermediate
Book Finder App Search for books by multiple criteria 2-Intermediate
Calculator CLI Create a basic calculator cli. 2-Intermediate
Card Memory Game Memorize and match hidden images 2-Intermediate
Charity Finder App Find a Global Charity to donate to 2-Intermediate
Chrome Theme Extension Build your own chrome theme extention. 2-Intermediate
Currency Converter Convert one currency to another. 2-Intermediate
Drawing App Create digital artwork on the web 2-Intermediate
Emoji Translator App Translate sentences into Emoji 2-Intermediate
Flashcards App Review and test your knowledge through Flash Cards 2-Intermediate
Flip Art App Animate a set of images 2-Intermediate
Game Suggestion App Create polls to decide what games to play 2-Intermediate
GitHub Profiles A GitHub user search App 2-Intermediate
HighStriker Game Highstriker strongman carnival game 2-Intermediate
Image Scanner Image Scanner App 2-Intermediate
Markdown Previewer Preview text formatted in GitHub flavored markdown 2-Intermediate
Markdown Table Generator Convert a table into Markdown-formatted text 2-Intermediate
Math Editor A math editor for students to use 2-Intermediate
Meme Generator App Create custom memes 2-Intermediate
Name Generation using RNNs Generate names using names dataset 2-Intermediate
Password Generator Generate random passwords 2-Intermediate
Podcast Directory Directory of favorite podcasts 2-Intermediate
QR Code Badge Generator Encode badge info in a QRcode 2-Intermediate
Regular Expression Helper Test Regular Expressions 2-Intermediate
Sales Reciepts App Record Sales Receipts in a DB 2-Intermediate
Simple Online Store Simple Online Store 2-Intermediate
Sports Bracket Generator Generate a sports bracket diagram 2-Intermediate
String Art An animation of moving, colored strings 2-Intermediate
This or That Game This or That Game 2-Intermediate
Timezone Slackbot Display Team Timezones 2-Intermediate
To-Do App Manage personal to-do tasks 2-Intermediate
Typing Practice Typing Practice 2-Intermediate
Voting App Voting App 2-Intermediate

Tier-3: Advanced Projects

Name Short Description Tier
Battleship Bot Create a Discord bot that plays Battleship 3-Advanced
Battleship Game Engine Create a callable engine to play the Battleship game 3-Advanced
Boole Bots Game Battling Bots driven by Boolean algebra 3-Advanced
Calendar Create your own Calendar 3-Advanced
Calorie Counter Calorie Counter Nutrition App 3-Advanced
Chat App Real-time chat interface 3-Advanced
Contribution Tracker App Track funds donated to charity 3-Advanced
Elevator Elevator simulator 3-Advanced
Fast Food Simulator Fast Food Restaurant Simulator 3-Advanced
Instagram Clone A clone of Facebook's Instagram app 3-Advanced
GitHub Timeline Generate a timeline of a users GitHub Repos 3-Advanced
Kudos Slackbot Give recognition to a deserving peer 3-Advanced
Movie App Browse, Find Ratings, Check Actors and Find you next movie to watch 3-Advanced
MyPodcast Library Create a library of favorite podcasts 3-Advanced
NASA Exoplanet Query Query NASA's Exoplanet Archive 3-Advanced
Shell Game Animated shell game 3-Advanced
Shuffle Deck Evaluate different algorithms for shuffling a card deck 3-Advanced
Slack Archiver Archive Slack Messages 3-Advanced
Spell-It App A twist on the classic Speak N Spell game 3-Advanced
Survey App Define, conduct, and view a survey 3-Advanced

Plans for the future

We are planning to add more and more projects to this repository. For this, we need your help! Find out how to contribute below. 👇

We are also planning to create a website where you can easily browse through all of the projects.


Any contributions are highly appreciated. 🙏 You can contribute in two ways:

  1. create an issue and tell us your idea 💡. Make sure that you use the new idea label in this case;
  2. fork the project and submit a PR with your new idea. Before doing that, please make sure that you read and follow the Contribution Guide;


You can also add your own examples to the projects after you have completed them. I highly encourage you to do this as it will show others what amazing things were built! 👍

Spread the word!

If the information from this repo was useful to you in any way, make sure you give it a star 🌟, this way others can find it and benefit too! Together we can grow and make our community better! 😃

Do you have any suggestions on how we could improve this project overall? Let us know! We'd love to hear your feedback!

Main Contributors 🙂🙂

100Days100Projects 🚀

As a bonus, I created the #100Days100Projects challenge. You can find in there 100 more ideas of smaller projects. Enjoy! 😄

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