An interactive coloring book game done for Strawberry Jam
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Colorful Critter

This is a game I did for eevee's Strawberry Jam. It was built with LÖVE. There is a further explanation of the why, what, and how in the whitepaper directory (I recommend playing the game before ruining the fun, however).

To run it, point your LÖVE interpreter at the src directory. You can also build a standalone version; simply run make and the Makefile will do all the rest (including fetching LÖVE, if necessary). The build results will go into build/. My Makefile also provides a simple CD publishing pipeline for I only provide it as an example; obviously I would prefer if you not publish my game to your itch site (but feel free to support me on itch).

This game is ©2017 j "fluffy" shagam; please see LICENSE for further copyright terms.

Building on Android

You will need to install NDK R14b and override the ndk.dir setting in the file to point to it. This is a work-in-progress.