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Chrome extension for the Fluidinfo object browser
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The chrome extension

The extension lets you comment on any URL or text you select, and see the comments made by others. Comments include mentions that people make about URLs on other services, including Disqus, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.

Adding a comment

You must be logged in to add comments, and for that you'll need a Twitter account. Click the extension icon and then the login button.

Once logged in, you can click the extension icon to add info to the URL you are currently viewing or to any text you have selected. Comments that have already been made on that thing will be show. It's very useful to put hashtags into comments, as these can be viewed in their own right on and we collect information about hastags as well as URLs from the above services.

Note: at the moment you'll need to reload pages you already have open when you install the extension (if you want to use the extension on those pages). We'll fix that soon.

Seeing things in the sidebar or on

There are several ways to view URLs or text in the sidebar or to quickly jump to to look at anything:

  • Right-click the page background to jump to the current URL.
  • Hover over a link and right-click to jump to the URL of the link or the text in the link.
  • Hover over an image and right-click to jump to the URL of the image.
  • Select any text and right-click to jump to it.
  • In the Chrome location bar, type "lmd" (an easy abbreviation of and a Space or TAB. Then type anything you like, and hit Enter to jump to the page for that thing.


The extension and the web service are built on Fluidinfo (see No identifying information is sent to Fluidinfo during normal browsing. The extension makes requests to with your username only to add comments when you ask it to. All calls to Fluidinfo are encrypted, and we do not log IP addresses. The extension source code is available for download and inspection at


We'd love to hear what you think and to improve the extension based on your suggestions. You can mail us at or come hang out with us in the #fluidinfo channel on

Have fun!

The Fluidinfo Team

Install from the Chrome store

You can install the extension most easily by visiting and clicking 'Add to Chrome'.

Installing from source as an unpacked Chrome extension

Visit chrome://extensions, turn on Developer Mode, and click Load unpacked extension. Then navigate to the directory of this extension and Chrome will do the rest.

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