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libflux: add flux_event_publish() interface #1512

merged 15 commits into from May 9, 2018


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garlick commented May 8, 2018

This PR adds functions for "synchronous" event publication. That is, they encapsulate an event in a request message and send it as an RPC to a broker service that assigns a sequence number to it, then responds to the RPC in parallel with the event propagation.

This was added in a more ad-hoc way recently, with the broker service. That is replaced here with a more elaborate service that breaks event publishing out from broker.c to publisher.[ch]. The new implementation adds a couple of missing features, like raw payloads and privacy flag.

The following missing API functions were added:

/* Publish an event.
 * The future is fulfilled once the event has been assigned a sequence number,
 * and does not indicate that the event has yet reached all subscribers.
flux_future_t *flux_event_publish (flux_t *h,
                                   const char *topic, int flags,
                                   const char *json_str);

flux_future_t *flux_event_publish_pack (flux_t *h,
                                        const char *topic, int flags,
                                        const char *fmt, ...);

flux_future_t *flux_event_publish_raw (flux_t *h,
                                       const char *topic, int flags,
                                       const void *data, int len);

/* Obtain the event sequence number from the fulfilled
 * flux_event_publish() future.
int flux_event_publish_get_seq (flux_future_t *f, int *seq);

The job module was switched from the ad-hoc interface to this one.

flux-event(1) was extended to optionally use the above interface (flux event pub -s ...).

Man pages and unit tests were (minimally) updated.


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coveralls commented May 8, 2018

Coverage Status

Coverage increased (+0.02%) to 78.853% when pulling a55a78f on garlick:event_pub into dc91642 on flux-framework:master.

@garlick garlick force-pushed the garlick:event_pub branch from e1be13a to 82d052e May 8, 2018


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codecov-io commented May 8, 2018

Codecov Report

Merging #1512 into master will increase coverage by 0.02%.
The diff coverage is 81.43%.

@@            Coverage Diff             @@
##           master    #1512      +/-   ##
+ Coverage   78.53%   78.55%   +0.02%     
  Files         164      165       +1     
  Lines       30653    30814     +161     
+ Hits        24074    24207     +133     
- Misses       6579     6607      +28
Impacted Files Coverage Δ
src/modules/wreck/job.c 70.18% <100%> (-0.07%) ⬇️
src/common/libflux/event.c 79.85% <62.26%> (-10.85%) ⬇️
src/broker/broker.c 76.77% <64.7%> (-0.21%) ⬇️
src/broker/publisher.c 84.94% <84.94%> (ø)
src/common/libflux/message.c 81.29% <86.66%> (-0.31%) ⬇️
src/cmd/flux-event.c 77.57% <96.49%> (+7.79%) ⬆️
src/common/libutil/base64.c 95.07% <0%> (-0.71%) ⬇️
src/common/libflux/future.c 88.98% <0%> (-0.45%) ⬇️
src/broker/overlay.c 73.81% <0%> (-0.32%) ⬇️
... and 7 more

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garlick commented May 8, 2018

Yeah, I'll work on that coverage a bit!


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grondo commented May 8, 2018

Nice work! I'll merge once you are happy with the coverage.

garlick added some commits Apr 26, 2018

broker/publisher: add event publshing service
Problem: the broker RPC handler does not
handle raw (non-JSON) payloads or "private" events,
and is generally a little half baked.

Add a new broker service "" that is loaded
only on rank 0. The request contains
a topic string, flags, and optional base64-encoded payload.

The event's userid and rolemask parameters are copied
from the request message.
libflux/event: add flux_event_publish()
Add functions for publishing events.  These functions
return a future which is fulfilled once the event has
been allocated a sequence number:

The sequence number assigned to the event is available via
cmd/flux-event: add pub --synchronous option
Add an option:  flux event pub --synchronous ...
which uses flux_event_publish() to publish the
event (synchronously), and prints the event's
sequence number.
wreck: switch job module to flux_event_publish()
Switch the code in send_create_message() from
the hardwired RPC over to flux_event_publish().
build: update man3 clean target
Problem:  make clean in doc/man3 does not remove
flux_future_then.3 build product.

doc/flux-event(1): describe pub -s, -p options
Add descriptions for
  -s,--synchronous      use RPC
  -p,--privacy          set message privacy flag
t/t0004-event.t: cover RPC
Call flux-event with the -s option to exercise
the RPC, with different payload types,
and with and without the privacy flag.
cmd/flux-event: [cleanup] refactor event_pub()
Problem: the event_pub() function was getting too large
and unclear.

Factor out four event publication functions.
cmd/flux-event: add pub --private option
Add option to publish event with FLUX_MSGFLAG_PRIVATE
set, so only sender and instance owner will receive.
libflux/message: add checks to flux_msg_set_payload
Problem: flux_msg_set_payload() allows a FLUX_MSGFLAG_JSON
payload to be added that is not valid JSON.

Move the cursory check (not a full JSON object parse) from
flux_msg_set_json() to flux_msg_set_payload(), conditional
upon FLUX_MSGFLAG_JSON being set.

In addtion, veryfiy that the '\0' string terminator is
included in the payload, and that the string ends with '}'.

Finally, add an EINVAL check that the msg parameter != NULL,
since that would cause a segfault.
libflux/message: export flux_msg_set_flags()
Problem: some tests in the message unit test will no
longer be able to encode invalid messages using
flux_msg_set_payload() after we tighten up the
checks for JSON payloads.

Expose flux_msg_set_flags() for use by the unit test.
libflux/message: flux_msg_get_json catch no end brace
Problem: flux_msg_get_json()'s cursory JSON check
verifies open brace for JSON object but not closing one.

Check for closing brace and fail with EPROTO if missing.
libflux/test: fix flux_msg_set_payload() coverage
Problem: flux_msg_get_json unit test coverage relies
on the the ability to set an invalid payload
with flux_msg_set_payload().  This loophole is
about to be closed.

Use flux_msg_set_flags() to allow the same thing
to be accomplished with a lower level interface.

Also add coverage for additional some bad input to
lua/t0003-events.t: add coverage for
Send RPC with malformed input and
ensure correct response is received.

@garlick garlick force-pushed the garlick:event_pub branch from 19885f1 to a55a78f May 9, 2018


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garlick commented May 9, 2018

I was able to get coverage up by adding a lua test to send malformed requests to the new service, and by augmenting the flux-event pub command to send private events. There was a bit of tweaking of libflux/message along the way (minor). I think this is probably ready to merge?


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grondo commented May 9, 2018


@grondo grondo merged commit 54fcc97 into flux-framework:master May 9, 2018

4 checks passed

codecov/patch 81.43% of diff hit (target 78.53%)
codecov/project 78.55% (+0.02%) compared to dc91642
continuous-integration/travis-ci/pr The Travis CI build passed
coverage/coveralls Coverage increased (+0.02%) to 78.853%

@garlick garlick deleted the garlick:event_pub branch May 9, 2018


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garlick commented May 9, 2018


This was referenced May 10, 2018

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