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Anonymous Suggestion Box app


Powered by and Javascript, this handy suggestion box lets you present your visitors with a form to send suggestions.

This can be modified to be any type of contact type form pretty quickly.

This is meant to be simple to modify, you can use index.html to add new records and then suggestions.html to view them.

Any form field you add will appear in the suggestions page.

You will need a account to use this app.

Update assets/app.js with your flybase API key and app name.

Form Fields

To add fields, you just add them to the index.html file, with meta data to tell the app how to use it:

<div class='form-element'>
	<label for='subject'>Subject</label>
	<input type="text" id='subject' data-label="Subject" data-order="1" placeholder='' class='form-input' required>
  • data-label will tell the app the actual Label to display in the index
  • data-order is the sort order to display it by.

When data is saved, it will save a _meta field which contains sort order, etc for displaying.

This is meant to all be auto-generating and quick and dirty so feel free to modify and play around with it.