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OnSpeed Gen2 - AOA aural indicator for flying "On Speed" with onboard sensors
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Gen2 - OnSpeed open source hardware and software

This is a device that provides simple and intuitive Onspeed tone cues that allow the pilot to hear key performance AOA's as well outstanding progressive stall warning. ONSPEED AOA is used for approach and landing, assists with maximum performance takeoff and provides optimum turn performance. The aural logic simplifies energy management and helps the pilot maintain positive aircraft control.

The current Gen2 device is avionics independent. The current features include:

Measures differential pressures from an AOA pitot tube

Measures static pressure

Receives, parses and logs several types of EFIS data for testing purposes

Receives, parses and logs flight test boom data for testing purposes

Calculates a differential pressure based calibrated Angle of Attack and uses it to generate the OnSpeed tones.

Can be wired directly into the aircraft's audio panel.

It logs all data at 50Hz to the onboard SD card and provides an experimental AOA display via its Wifi interface.

Logs can also be downloaded via Wifi.

We are happy to collaborate and answer any questions. We will work with any experimenter or manufacturer that is interested in adapting the logic and always welcome qualified volunteers that want to join the project. Email us at to get in touch.

More details and videos of the OnSpeed system at

OnSpeed Gen2 System Diagram:

Onspeed System Diagram

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