Command wrapper that lets you run unix commands as functions
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Fn HotWrap tool

HotWrap is a beta tool that lets you create "Hot" Fn functions based on conventional unix command line tools (like shell commands or anything else you can invoke in a terminal) while also taking advantage of Fn's streaming event model inside your container.

Hot wrap implements the Fn FDK contract via a command wrapper hotwrap this command wrapper then invokes a command for each event your function receives.

HotWrap sends the body of incoming events to your command via STDIN and reads the response from STDOUT

Using Hotwrap

Hotwrap works best if you use a docker type function:

suppose you have a Dockerfile for a command that works on the CLI:

FROM ubuntu:latest

# just any old command 
COMMAND /usr/bin/wc -l   

Add Hotwrap to your container as follows:


# Pull the hotwrap container  as a build dependency 
FROM fnproject/hotwrap:latest as hotwrap

## Start of your normal docker file 
FROM ubuntu:latest

# just any old command 
COMMAND /usr/bin/wc -l   

# Install hotwrap binary in your container 
COPY --from hotwrap /hotwrap /hotwrap 
ENTRYPOINT ["/hotwrap"]


name: example
version: 0.0.1
format: json
echo "some\nlines\nof\ntext" | fn run 


Hotwrap is a portable statically linked binary that should work in any linux container.