Create favicon files in various sizes from a base image for ruby projects
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Tired of creating a gazillion different favicons to satisfy all kinds of devices and resolutions in different file formats?

I know I was, so I created FaviconMaker to ease the tedious process of creating multiple versions of your favicon. The basic idea is to have a template image file as source for all the different sizes and or formats (png/ico). From v1.x on it is possible to use multiple template files.


Using Bundler

gem "favicon_maker"

Using the DSL


  • setup takes the directory config
  • from defines the template to be used
  • icon needs at least a filename. Usually the size and the file format are encoded in that name e.g. apple-touch-icon-152x152-precomposed.png, if that is the case FaviconMaker tries to extract that information. It takes an options hash as the second argument where size e.g. "16x16" and format e.g. :ico can be specified. Only .ico and .png are supported. The options passed take precedence over information extracted from the filename.
  • each_icon is called for every generated file with the fully qualified output filepath

Complete example

FaviconMaker.generate do
  setup do
    template_dir  "/home/app/favicon-templates"
    output_dir    "/home/app/public"

  from "favicon_base_hires.png" do
    icon "apple-touch-icon-152x152-precomposed.png"
    icon "apple-touch-icon-144x144-precomposed.png"
    icon "apple-touch-icon-120x120-precomposed.png"
    icon "apple-touch-icon-114x114-precomposed.png"
    icon "favicon-196x196.png"
    icon "favicon-160x160.png"
    icon "favicon-96x96.png"
    icon "mstile-144x144", format: "png"

  from "favicon_base.png" do
    icon "apple-touch-icon-76x76-precomposed.png"
    icon "apple-touch-icon-72x72-precomposed.png"
    icon "apple-touch-icon-60x60-precomposed.png"
    icon "apple-touch-icon-57x57-precomposed.png"
    icon "apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png", size: "57x57"
    icon "apple-touch-icon.png", size: "57x57"
    icon "favicon-32x32.png"
    icon "favicon-16x16.png"
    icon "favicon.png", size: "16x16"
    icon "favicon.ico", size: "64x64,32x32,24x24,16x16"

  each_icon do |filepath|
    puts filepath # verbose example

Changes from v0.3 to v1.0

  • Almost entire rewrite
  • DSL to configure the output
  • No internal configuration and format definitions anymore
  • Support for multiple template files



In order to integrate the FaviconMaker effortless into your Middleman project use the following gem: middleman-favicon-maker with version v3.5 or higher

Template Image Guideline

Choose the version with the biggest dimension as your base image. Currently the size 152x152 for newer iOS devices marks the upper limit. So just create a PNG with 24 or 32 Bit color depth and 152x152 document size or a vector image SVG (since v1.2). Downscaling of images always works better than upscaling. Use more than one template file to improve lower resolutions.


  1. Fork it
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create new Pull Request

FaviconMaker v0.x - DEPRECATED

Old instructions for versions till v0.3


© 2011-2014 Andreas Follmann. See LICENSE for details.