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Fomantic Docs

NOTE: Fomantic was created to continue active development of Semantic-UI and has the intent to be merged back into the master repository once active development can restart. For more info please read the following issues

This folder contains the templates used to generate the static website for

This repo can be used to create a fork of the UI documents to serve as styleguide for your project.

Installing Dependencies

You must install DocPad, the static site generator used to create the HTML for the site, to render the contents of this repository.

npm install -g docpad
docpad install eco
docpad update
docpad upgrade

Generating Fomantic UI for Docs

Assuming two sibling folders:

  1. UI folder ./ui
  2. Docs folder ./docs

Directory structure should look like this:

├── ui/
│   ├── node_modules/
|   ├── ...
├── docs/
│   ├── node_modules/
|   ├── ...
  • Clone both repos to respective folders
  • npm install in ./ui
  • npm install in ./docs
  • Go through Fomantic UI installer steps (auto)
  • In ./ui folder gulp build-docs (builds files to ./docs)
  • In ./docs folder docpad install then docpad run
  • Go to http://localhost:9778/ docs should be there
  • Optionally run gulp serve-docs in ./ui to serve any changes from ./ui/src to ./docs

Running the Server

Start the docs server (and generate docs):

# run from inside docs folder that will now contain the compiled docs
# windows users can then navigate to http://localhost:9778
docpad run

Watch for changes from your UI folder, and serve to the docs instance:

gulp serve-docs

Publishing to GitHub Pages

You can publish your docs to GitHub Pages from the command line automatically

docpad deploy-ghpages --env static

Help Fix Typos and Errors

If you find any typos or mistakes, submitting a fix is easy!


Official Documentation for Fomantic-UI




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