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DatasetUtils is a reference implementation of the Einstein Analytics External Data API. This tool is free to use, but it is not officially supported by Salesforce. This is a community project that have not been officially tested or documented. Please do not contact Salesforce for support when using this application.

Downloading DatasetUtils

Download the latest version from releases and follow the examples below:

Running DatasetUtils


Download and install Java JDK (not JRE) from Zulu Open JDK

After installation is complete. Different versions of DatasetUtils require different versions of JDK, the latest release API 48 requires JDK 11. Open a console and check that the java version is correct for your DatasetUtils version by running the following command:

java -version

Server mode with Web UI


Unzip to a local folder. To start the jar in server mode: Double click on run.bat


Install datasetutils.dmg by double clicking it and dragging and dropping it into applications folder.

Run by double clicking it

Console Mode

Best is to run in interactive mode. open a terminal and type in the following command and follow the prompts on the console:

java -jar datasetutil-<version>.jar --server false

Or you can pass in all the param in the command line and let it run uninterrupted.

java -jar datasetutil-<version>.jar --action <action> --u <> --dataset <dataset> --app <app> --inputFile <inputFile> --endpoint <endPoint>

Input Parameter

--action :"load" OR "downloadxmd" OR "uploadxmd" OR "detectEncoding" OR "downloadErrorFile"

load: for loading csv

downloadxmd: to download existing xmd files

uploadxmd: for uploading user.xmd.json

detectEncoding: To detect the encoding of the inputFile

downloadErrorFile: To downloading the error file for csv upload jobs

--u : login

--p : (Optional) password,if omitted you will be prompted

--token : (Optional) token

--endpoint: (Optional) The Salesforce soap api endpoint (test/prod) Default:

--dataset : (Optional) the dataset alias. required if action=load

--datasetLabel : (Optional) the dataset label, Defaults to dataset alias.

--app : (Optional) the app/folder name for the dataset

--operation : (Optional) the operation for load (Overwrite/Upsert/Append/Delete) Default is Overwrite

--inputFile : (Optional) the input csv file. required if action=load

--rootObject: (Optional) the root SObject for the extract

--rowLimit: (Optional) the number of rows to extract, -1=all, default=1000

--sessionId : (Optional) the Salesforce sessionId. if specified,specify endpoint

--fileEncoding : (Optional) the encoding of the inputFile default UTF-8

--CodingErrorAction:(optional) What to do in case input characters are not UTF8: IGNORE|REPORT|REPLACE. Default REPORT. If you change this option you risk importing garbage characters

--uploadFormat : (Optional) the whether to upload as binary or csv. default binary");


--server : set this to true if you want to run this in server mode and use the UI. If you give this param all other params will be ignored

Usage Example 1: Start the server for using the UI

java -jar datasetutils-48.1.0jar --server true

Usage Example 2: Upload a local csv to a dataset in production

java -jar datasetutils-48.1.0.jar --action load --u --p @#@#@# --inputFile Opportunity.csv --dataset puntest

Usage Example 3: Append a local csv to a dataset

java -jar datasetutils-48.1.0.jar --action load --operation append --u --p @#@#@# --inputFile Opportunity.csv --dataset puntest

Usage Example 4: Upload a local csv to a dataset in sandbox

java -jar datasetutils-48.1.0.jar --action load --u --p @#@#@# --inputFile Opportunity.csv --dataset puntest --endpoint

Usage Example 5: Download dataset main xmd json file

java -jar datasetutils-48.1.0.jar --action downloadxmd --u --p @#@#@# --dataset puntest

Usage Example 6: Upload user.xmd.json

java -jar datasetutils-48.1.0.jar --action uploadxmd --u --p @#@#@# --inputFile user.xmd.json --dataset puntest

Usage Example 7: Detect inputFile encoding

java -jar datasetutils-48.1.0.jar --action detectEncoding --inputFile Opportunity.csv

Usage Example 8: download error logs file for csv uploads

java -jar datasetutils-48.1.0.jar --action downloadErrorFile --u --p @#@#@# --dataset puntest

Building DatasetUtils

git clone
mvn clean install


Friendly utility to load your on-prem data, whether large or small, to Einstein Analytics Datasets, with useful features such as autoloading, dataflow control and dataset inspection.



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