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Climate data for CTFS-ForestGEO sites
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ForestGEO Climate Data Portal

About this repository

This public repository is a portal for climate data and information for CTFS-ForestGEO sites. It has two primary functions:

1. Source of information on available climate data-

This portal contains a Database of climate data sources that are available for CTFS-ForestGEO sites.

In addition, individual sites may have README files describing the best available sources of climate data (for example, SCBI).

2. Climate data repository-

This site archives and distributes two types of data:

1. Meteorological Station Data- We host meteorological station data for CTFS-ForestGEO sites that are not readily available through other public repositories. This includes (i) raw data products and (ii) cleaned/ gap-filled datasets (based on raw data products that may be archived elsewhere).

2. Gridded data products- For convenience, we re-distribute data extracted from open-access gridded databases for CTFS-ForestGEO sites.

Contributing to this repository

We strongly encourage researchers in the CTFS-ForestGEO community to contribute relevant information and data to this repository:

  • Updates regarding available climate data are of great value to the research community and will facilitate collaborations.

  • Site managers/ meteorological data owners may use this portal as a stable repository to archive and distribute their data (if data are not already hosted elsewhere).

  • Researchers who create new data products (e.g., cleaned or gap-filled data sets, extracts from gridded databases) are encouraged to deposit those here.

For instrunctions on contributing to this repository, please see


Kristina Anderson-Teixeira, Leader of CTFS-ForestGEO Ecosystems & Climate Initiative (; @teixeirak)

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