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Ambient Weaver

Note (macOS only): There appears to be a (good) security feature within macOS Sierra that is causing the application to utilize a read-only portion of the hard drive. The fix is to simply move the application anywhere else on the computer, after downloading. If your track folder is being automatically assigned to a location starting with "/private/var/", then the previous step should do the trick.


Ambient Weaver is a desktop application, for 64-bit macOS 10.12.2 and Windows 10, designed to solve issues related to playing ambient noise tracks. Ambient tracks are best played in a loop, but doing so with an individual track can be troublesome. The not-so-subtle momentary breaks between iterations of a loop can easily break a listener's focus. Using ridiculously long tracks can make loop-breaks less frequent, but that doesn't fix the problem. Ambient Weaver is built from the ground up with the idea that multiple tracks can be woven together to create a seamless listening experience.


  • Create playlists
  • Add tracks to playlists
  • Configure, save, and restore playlist settings
  • Customize track:
  • Volume
  • Starting time
  • Loop status
  • Customize track folder location

Recognized audio file formats: mp3, m4a, ogg, wav.


The audio files that are provided in the default/ folder within the apps' resource folders are modified versions of the edited tracks that Gabriel Martin (gabriel at asoftmurmur dot com) used in his "A Soft Murmur" ambient sound web app. The original audio files come from the following places under various versions of the CC license.


This native application was built using Electron from GitHub. In addition to Bootstrap and jQuery.




An audio player designed for ambient/background noise.




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