A cross-platform remote logging console written in C++
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A cross-platform remote logging console written in C++

Example screenshot


Why does this exist?

This is a toy side-project written for my own educational purposes. I would not recommend you actually use this. But it may provide some mild value as a reference.

What license?

My source code is embedded with the following license:

This software is dual-licensed to the public domain and under the following license: you are granted a perpetual, irrevocable license to copy, modify, publish, and distribute this file as you see fit.

What did you learn?

Quite a few things. I wrote a lengthy blog post with details. Here's a brief summary:


Here are some pre-compiled binaries if you're lazy but want to see it in action.

Build Status

Windows (via Appveyor): Build status

macOS/Linux (via Travis): Build Status