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Release 1.1.5

@ahoying ahoying released this Sep 28, 2017
· 1978 commits to master since this release
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  • AppEngine Services, Versions and Instances included in the inventory.
  • Deployment Improvements:
    • Switch forseti inventory and auditor to run as ubuntu instead of root by default
    • Fix service account permissions in deployment.
  • Support for multiple recipients in notifications.
  • Support for Egress and Deny firewall rules in Enforcer.
  • Minor fixes.

Thanks to our contributors!

  • Rajendra Umadas (spotify)

All changes

16d24eb (HEAD -> release-1.1.5, origin/release-1.1.5) Fix deployment (#672)
c892760 Update deployment to use 'ubunutu' for running forseti instead of root. (#670)
4634b5f Fix Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'can_ip_forward' error. (#671)
0a9f392 Increment version to 1.1.5
d81b0ca (origin/dev, origin/HEAD, dev) Put back json.dumps() for raw_data. (#668)
4bc3905 add service account fields to firewall type throughout forseti (#659)
a7e6c2e Update the readme with specifics to (#667)
09fccba (origin/api-additions) Give forseti service account visibility to bigquery datasets. (#663)
3a4ad58 Add appengine services and versions to Inventory. (#646)
774dbd7 Normalize parameterized tests. (#658)
26e8f18 Update IamClient to allow getting service account keys by type. (#657)
f765f28 Fix minor naming and readability issues. (#654)
efad718 Support multiple recipients in notifications. (#651)
2b1f22a Migrating fixes from Google Internal to Forseti (#629)