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Use pre-built box

You can download a pre-built box manually, verify that the md5 sum corresponds to this document and add it to Vagrant (vagrant box add 'forskbox' ''). Another alternative is to just run vagrant up in a project which already includes the url to the box.

Build your own box

  • Install VeeWee.
  • Build: vagrant basebox build 'forskbox'
  • Validate box: vagrant basebox validate 'forskbox'
  • Export .box file: vagrant basebox export 'forskbox'
  • (Optional) Upload to and update the md5 sums in this document.
  • Install it to your Vagrant setup: vagrant box add 'forskbox' ''
  • (Optional) You can now delete the temporary files to save space: rm; rm -rf iso/

Current boxes and md5 sums b8781b5a60d4a03b853cdc8d33a0fc05