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/* Copyright (c) Fortanix, Inc. */
extern crate chrono;
extern crate mbedtls;
use chrono::prelude::*;
use mbedtls::hash::Type::Sha256;
use mbedtls::pk::Pk;
use mbedtls::rng::Rdrand;
use mbedtls::ssl::config::{Endpoint, Preset, Transport};
use mbedtls::ssl::{Config, Context};
use mbedtls::x509::certificate::{Builder, Certificate};
use mbedtls::x509::Time;
use mbedtls::Result as TlsResult;
use std::io::Write;
use std::io::{BufRead, BufReader};
use std::net::{TcpListener, TcpStream};
use std::time::{SystemTime, UNIX_EPOCH};
const RSA_KEY_SIZE: u32 = 3072;
const RSA_KEY_EXP: u32 = 0x10001;
const DAYS_TO_SES: u64 = 86400;
const CERT_VAL_SECS: u64 = (365 * DAYS_TO_SES);
trait ToTime {
fn to_time(&self) -> Time;
impl ToTime for chrono::DateTime<Utc> {
fn to_time(&self) -> Time {
self.year() as _,
self.month() as _, as _,
self.hour() as _,
self.minute() as _,
self.second() as _,
fn get_validity() -> (Time, Time) {
let start = SystemTime::now()
let end = start + CERT_VAL_SECS;
let not_before = Utc.timestamp(start as _, 0);
let not_after = Utc.timestamp(end as _, 0);
(not_before.to_time(), not_after.to_time())
/// The below generates a key and a self signed certificate
/// to configure the TLS context.
/// SGX applications should not rely on untrusted sources for their key.
/// Ideally, enclaves communicating via TLS should, ideally,
/// also verify attestation information.
/// along with traditional certificate verification.
/// But this example doesn't show that.
fn get_key_and_cert() -> (Pk, Certificate) {
let mut rng = Rdrand;
let mut key = Pk::generate_rsa(&mut rng, RSA_KEY_SIZE, RSA_KEY_EXP).unwrap();
let mut key_i = Pk::generate_rsa(&mut rng, RSA_KEY_SIZE, RSA_KEY_EXP).unwrap();
let (not_before, not_after) = get_validity();
let cert = Certificate::from_der(
.subject_key(&mut key)
.issuer_key(&mut key_i)
.validity(not_before, not_after)
.write_der_vec(&mut rng)
(key, cert)
/// Establish a TLS connection with a randomly generated key and
/// a self signed certificate.
/// After a session is established, echo the incoming stream to the client.
/// till EOF is detected.
fn serve(mut conn: TcpStream, key: &mut Pk, cert: &mut Certificate) -> TlsResult<()> {
let mut rng = Rdrand;
let mut config = Config::new(Endpoint::Server, Transport::Stream, Preset::Default);
config.set_rng(Some(&mut rng));
config.push_cert(&mut **cert, key)?;
let mut ctx = Context::new(&config)?;
let mut buf = String::new();
let session = ctx.establish(&mut conn, None)?;
println!("Connection established!");
let mut reader = BufReader::new(session);
while let Ok(1..=std::usize::MAX) = reader.read_line(&mut buf) {
let session = reader.get_mut();
/// The below main() starts a TLS echo server on `local host:7878`.
fn main() {
let (mut key, mut cert) = get_key_and_cert();
let listener = TcpListener::bind("").unwrap();
for stream in listener.incoming() {
let stream = stream.unwrap();
let _ = serve(stream, &mut key, &mut cert).unwrap();
println!("Connection closed!");