Linux Test Project for ARC

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There are 2 separate repositories of LTP - upstream and local:


If you want to run tests on ARC the second one must be used. Upstream repository has no a full support of ARC - there are still a lot of blocking issues like tests which hang Linux.

Building and running

Command for building LTP:

git clone
cd ltp
make autotools
./configure CFLAGS="-Dlinux -matomic" --host=arc-linux-uclibc --enable-arc-support --with-open-posix-testsuite --prefix=`readlink -m ../ltp-install`
make UCLIBC=1
make UCLIBC=1 install

Commands for running LTP tests on target:

./runltp -l ltp.results -C -p -q -f syscalls,mm,ipc,sched,nptl,pty,containers,fs_bind,controllers,filecaps,cap_bounds,fcntl-locktests,connectors,admin_tools,timers,numa,hugetlb,commands,hyperthreading 2>&1 | tee ltp.log

Sending patches

Maintainers of Linux Test Projects accept patches through mailing list When sending patches:

  • It is recommended to attach patches to emails rather than sending them inside of emails.
  • Patches must be checked using script from Linux source tree.
  • All emails for patches must contain prefix [LTP] [PATCH] instead of just [PATCH]. If you want to send a second version of patches then a prefix may be like [LTP] [PATCH v2].
  • Send patches using git send-email command. E.g. git send-email --to *.patch.

Here is an example of the workflow of preparing patches for sending to upstream:

git format-patch --attach master..fix-branch
path-to-linux/scripts/ *.patch
sed -i 's/Subject: \[PATCH/Subject: \[LTP\] \[PATCH/g' *.patch
git send-email --to --cc --cc --cc *.patch

Add these lines to .gitconfig to enable sending patches using git:

        smtpserver = mailhost
        confirm = auto
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