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Circle Knitting Project
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#Engineering a printable circular knitting machine with an optional mini-computer


There are commercial circular knitting machines, that are nearly completely made from plastic. A popular modul is the Addi Express. Plastic can be easily printed out on 3D printers. So, we came up with the idea to code a circular knitting machine. As inexpensive small PCs components like the Rapsberry PI and Arduinos become increasingly powerful there is even an option to include them as optional components in such a 3D printed knitting machine.


  • 22 or 46 needle.
  • Can create circular and rectangular swatches (using back-and-forth knit)
  • Max swatch for 46 needle: 17.75 inch
  • Manual cast-on and bind-off
  • Manual forwarding


  • Be able to replicate using distributed digital manufacturing (3d-print/CNC)
  • Be able to customize. Different number of needles, needle/mask size, adapting to different materials, adding automation



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