A web application framework to edit susi skills http://skills.susi.ai
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A web application framework to edit SUSI Skills


Please join our mailing list to discuss questions regarding the project: https://groups.google.com/group/susiai/

Our chat channel is on gitter here: https://gitter.im/fossasia/susi_server

Technology Stack


  • HTML - Structure of the web page generated.
  • CSS - Styling options and details ofthe web page.
  • Javascript(JSON) - Used to store information for deploying the application such as dependencies.
  • ReactJS - Structure for deployment of the web page.


  • node --version >= 6
  • npm --version >= 3

How to deploy?

Running on localhost:

  • Step 1: Fork susi_skill_cms repository and clone it to your desktop
  • Step 2: Then cd into that cloned folder
  • Step 3: Install all the dependencies by running: $ npm install
  • Step 4: Run on http://localhost:3000 by running: $ npm run start
  • Step 5: Build locally by running: $ npm run build
  • Step 6: To deploy at a url use: $ npm run deploy

For deploying with Surge:

Surge will automatically generate deployment link whenever a pull request passes Travis CI.

  • Step 1: Install Surge: $ npm install -g surge
  • Step 2: Then cd into that cloned folder of susi_skill_cms .
  • Step 3: Run the App build: $ npm run build
  • Step 4: Switch into the build directory: cd build
  • Step 5: Run surge: surge
  • Step 6: Follow the prompts and provide an email and a password.
  • Step 7: Go to URL that appears after the above process and provide this link in PR for testing your changes.

Learn the skill language

Read SUSI Skill language Learn how to add your own AI skills.