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version history

version 2.1.2 Jan 19 2016

  • translation updates
  • add missing dependency to README

version 2.1.1 Oct 26 2015

  • translation updates

version 2.1 Mar 04 2015

  • Allow switching between coverart-browser and the coverart-playlist sources via picture buttons on each source
  • tighter integration with Rhythmbox - addition of select and play using Rhythmbox's own toolbar play button
  • Support the alternative-toolbar capability to hide/show the coverart-toolbar
  • Support for GTK 3.14
  • Support for the upcoming release of Rhythmbox (3.2?)
  • Single click icon display position changes consistently depending upon the cover-tile style (shadow/no shadow etc.)
  • view/zoom/save the chosen cover - hover over the coverart on the track pane to reveal
  • coverart information in tile-view can be now left/centre & right aligned
  • Double click track & cover pane handle to open full height or to close
  • Play Next (album)- add the selected album(s) to be the next album after the current playing album
  • Play Next (track)- add the selected track(s) to be the next track after the current playing track
  • Track Artist and Artist Information Panes can be opened and closed via double-click of the pane-handle
  • Bottom Track & Cover Pane has more space - the expander & label has been removed
  • Tidied display - visible pane handles disappear after the plugin has been run 5 times
  • Add ability to resize Icon-view with CTRL+mouse wheel scroll
  • Translated into 25 languages and locales
  • for developers - doxygen documentation: http://fossfreedom.github.io/coverart-browser/classes.html

version 2.0 Jul 17 2014

  • Compact & Full track view toggle option:
    1. Compact: fixed track view showing the key album track fields & ratings together with an enlarged album cover
    2. Full: Standard track view configurable via the preferences window
  • Smart continuous playlist: Play Similar Artists as recommended by EchoNest
  • Smart continuous playlist: Play Similar Genres as recommended by EchoNest
  • Smart continuous playlist: Play Similar Tracks as recommended by LastFM
  • New optional theme: darker toolbar icons by the graphics artist jrbastien
  • New subtle hover, play & queue icons by the graphics artist jrbastien
  • Introduce more modern look & feel through subtle animations
  • Views button ("…") now can navigate to Play Queue. Allows navigation of key views without the side-bar (F9) being visible
  • Artist & Album information pane with LastFM & EchoNest data
  • Artist & Album information is fully localised (in your native language) if LastFM returns information in your locale
  • Information pane can be made visible or hidden by dragging the pane-handle
  • Track Artist Filter and Artist & Album Information panes individually displayed per view
  • Support Jump To Playing CTRL+J to scroll to the playing album
  • Follow playing song option automatically selects playing album
  • Custom Genres are now saved in an alternative folder location to survive re-installation of the plugin
  • Search Filter by Composer
  • Introduce type-ahead Search filtering to improve searching usability
  • Single click to append album to list of playing albums
  • Right-click to append album to list of playing albums
  • View and modify the list of album tracks being played
  • Optional support for SmallWindow plugin - allows Rhythmbox to be toggled between its standard application window and its smaller counterpart
  • Translated into 24 languages and locales
  • for developers - doxygen documentation: http://fossfreedom.github.io/coverart-browser/classes.html

version 1.2 Jul 17 2014

  • replace views label with an ellipsis
  • stop inadvertent refresh of tile display when first display preferences window
  • display hover icon correctly when spacing and padding is increased
  • fix focus crash with some graphics cards
  • fix locale display of preferences window title
  • fix search edit placement when resizing rhythmbox

version 1.1 Mar 08 2014

  • This is primarily a bug-fix release
  • fix for right-click playlist support for Ubuntu 14.04
  • check if lastfm plugin is activated correctly implemented for artist-view
  • fix for "shudder" in artist-view for RB2.99
  • latest translations from Launchpad
  • corrected wrong column header for ArtistView

version 1.0 Jan 25 2014

  • single click play for O/S's using GTK+3.6 or later for Tile-view
  • new artists view: displays album-artists in a tree-view
  • artists view: clicking on an album-artist displays the albums for that artist
  • artists view: Download all artist covers using the covers properties menu option
  • artists view: ... or drag and drop covers from cover view or from nautilus/firefox
  • artists view: drag and drop of albums to playlists
  • artists view: Filter buttons or filter search/quick track filter correctly filters view to show only the artists that have those filtered albums
  • artists view: hovering the mouse pointer over the artist cover displays a tooltip of a larger version of the cover
  • artists view: supports sorting of album-artist via clicking on its column header - ascending/descending/unsorted.
  • artists view: right click of albums displays the same right click menu as in tile view or coverflow view
  • artists view: right click of artists to play or queue all albums for that artist
  • artists view: independent sort toolbar buttons - for example show albums for an artist by ascending year whilst in the tile view show albums by name
  • new look (optional) to display album information within (on top of) the cover rather than below (beneath) the cover
  • new lighter icon-theme from the brilliant designer - jrbastien
  • new Rhythmbox 3 coverart source icon - again from jrbastien
  • Look & Feel integration: Rhythmbox 3 style toolbar and button popup menus
  • Look & Feel integration: New toolbar menu-button to switch between views including RB's own library view
  • Look & Feel integration: New toolbar menu-button in RB's library view to switch to plugin views (RB v3 and later)
  • Optional export and embed coverart from most file-formats to MP3.
  • Remember quick artist filter between rhythmbox sessions
  • support drag-and-drop of albums onto playlists or external devices for RB2.99 and later
  • Rework Album & Playlist favourite supports - this declutters menus and now can be optionally enabled through properties button
  • Right click support for the external plugin Repeat One Song
  • Optionally use sort fields for album artists or album artists (right click - properties - sort tab)
  • Use new Rhythmbox 3 progress bars for loading
  • Tooltip support to display cover name and artist only if album information is not already displayed
  • Translated into 25 languages and locales
  • for developers - doxygen documentation: http://fossfreedom.github.io/coverart-browser/classes.html

version 0.9.2 Nov 9 2013

  • latest translations from launchpad

version 0.9.1 Sep 13 2013

  • bug fix #214 - non display of album-info on restart of rhythmbox
  • latest translations from launchpad

version 0.9 Aug 27 2013

  • New views as described below: https://github.com/fossfreedom/coverart-browser/wiki/Screenshots
  • Advance options to control the icon-view spacing and selection padding - this can give a very different look to the plugin
  • Added support for compatibility for RB2.99
  • Added support for python3 for the upcoming RB3.0
  • New Coverflow view together with options to display new view in three different ways
  • Toggle buttons to switch view as well as new Properties button
  • Access preferences for both Search and Browswer plugins via Properties button
  • Play random albums from your current playlist & search filters
  • Quick filter track artists via Properties button
  • Track view can be toggled automatically on click as well as configured to manually open
  • Translated into 21 languages and locales
  • for developers - doxygen documentation: http://fossfreedom.github.io/coverart-browser/classes.html

version 0.8.2 June 22 2013

  • updated translations from the launchpad team + fix for issue#188

version 0.8.1 May 22 2013

  • updated translations from the launchpad team

version 0.8 Apr 24 2013

  • Export whole albums and embed coverart in the album tracks so that (where required) phones/tablets can display coverart correctly
  • Drag & Drop CoverArt icons onto playlists and sources (such as a phone) so that all tracks for an album are added

note - remember to use the Portable Players - Ipod and/or Portable Players - MTP plugin if your phone requires these to sync music

  • separated coverart search into separate plugin (this is now a prerequisite) - https://github.com/fossfreedom/coverart-search-providers
  • New light & dark theme buttons to complement light & dark desktop themes
  • optional flat-button toolbar style
  • revised popup menu style genre & playlist windows when number of entries would exceed the desktop height
  • Use album and album-artist sort order tags for sorting if these values are utilised
  • Play from Cover-view and Track view instead of queuing & playing
  • Allow user-defined genre names to be created mapped against default system genre icons
  • Allow user-defined genre icons to be displayed. These can override system genre icons if required
  • Support for other plugins via right-click menu options in a similar manner as the Library Browser -

OpenContainingFolder, SendFirst, Send Track, LastFMExtension - Fingerprinter, FileOrganizer, lLyrics, WikipediaSearch

N.B. if NOT using my PPA then ensure you have the very latest version of the plugins installed.

version 0.7 Jan 27 2013

  • find & display embedded covers in MP3, M4A, FLAC & Ogg files
  • Optional coverart search from Discogs internet service
  • new filter by decade
  • configurable shadow effect behind cover display
  • Iconised filter & sort buttons that change icon depending upon option chosen
  • popup menu selection for filters
  • brand new icons designed explicitly to the coverart browser plugin
  • one click open and close track view for a cover
  • plugin translated into many more languages
  • plugin code refactored - much faster to start and display without any flashing effects
  • code has been completely documented using doxygen: http://fossfreedom.github.com/coverart-browser/classes.html
  • covers displayed using rhythmbox natural sort i.e. ascending numbers
  • search filter matches upper & lower-case as well as ignoring characters such as accents
  • display covers for play-queue/music library & playlists from within the coverart-view
  • column header sort in track view
  • revamped plugin preferences

version 0.6 released Nov 30 2012

  • Playlist support: display coverart from a playlist, queue & main library
  • Playlist support: add albums and selected tracks from the coverart browser to playlists
  • Ratings: update album and track ratings from easy-to-use Star visual object
  • Sort & Search bar: optional display of these options on the left or right side of Rhythmbox panes
  • Sort & Search bar: optional year and rating sort options
  • Sort & Search bar: optional genre filter list
  • Covers pane: simplified view showing album art first hiding initial search options until requested.
  • Plugin Preferences: revamped the preferences dialog to tailor what your see and use.
  • Plugin Preferences: both album and artist text under icons are ellipsized to save space
  • Plugin Preferences: both album and artist text can use a user defined fixed font size

version 0.5 released Oct 27 2012

  • Tracks & Covers pane - display tracks for the selected album and built-in coverart web-search
  • Drag & Drop coverart update support
  • Display Album & Artist name under the cover
  • Support for assigning track-rating and playing/queuing your favourite rated tracks
  • Multiple album selection
  • Double click playing of albums
  • Sort covers by album name and artist, both in ascending and descending order
  • Set the coverart size displayed in the main view
  • Multiple user-configurable options to tailor what you see and use.
  • Examine and change properties for an Album
  • Examine and change properties for a track
  • Optionally start in coverart view when rhythmbox starts

version 0.4 release Sept 29 2012

  • Filter your albums
  • position of status bar text is configurable
  • 32bit support now available
  • icon-tooltip now show all the track artists for multi-artist albums
  • automatic album focus when right-click an album to display album choices.

version 0.3 release Sept 17 2012

  • added language support
  • added status bar

version 0.2.1 release Sept 17 2012

  • bugfix - fix double-click error

version 0.2 release Sept 17 2012

  • add search capability
  • add right-click cover search

version 0.1 release Sept 08 2012

  • GTK3 port of code.google.com/p/rhythmbox-cover-art-browser
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