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mPlane Protocol Software Development Kit

This module contains the mPlane Software Development Kit.

The mPlane Protocol provides control and data interchange for passive and active network measurement tasks. It is built around a simple workflow in which Capabilities are published by Components, which can accept Specifications for measurements based on these Capabilities, and provide Results, either inline or via an indirect export mechanism negotiated using the protocol.

Measurement statements are fundamentally based on schemas divided into Parameters, representing information required to run a measurement or query; and Result Columns, the information produced by the measurement or query. Measurement interoperability is provided at the element level; that is, measurements containing the same Parameters and Result Columns are considered to be of the same type and therefore comparable.

Learning More

See doc/ for information on getting started with the mPlane SDK for demonstration purposes.

See doc/ for an introduction to the mPlane SDK configuration file format.

See doc/ for an introduction to mpcli debug client shell.

See doc/ for an introduction to developing components with the mPlane SDK and running them with the mpcom runtime.

See doc/ for the mPlane protocol specification.


See for Sphinx documentation of the SDK modules. The SDK is made up of several modules:

  • mplane.model: Information model and JSON representation of mPlane messages.
  • mplane.scheduler: Component specification scheduler. Maps capabilities to Python code that implements them (in Service) and keeps track of running specifications and associated results (Job and MultiJob).
  • mplane.tls: Handles TLS, mapping local and peer certificates to identities and providing TLS connectivity over HTTPS.
  • mplane.azn: Handles access control, mapping identities to roles and authorizing roles to use specific services.
  • mplane.client: mPlane client framework. Handles client-initiated (HttpClient) and component-initiated (ListenerHttpClient) workflows.

There are two scripts installed with the package, as well:

  • mpcli: Simple client with command-line shell for debugging.
  • mpcom: mPlane component runtime. Handles client-initiated and component-initiated workflows.


mPlane protocol reference implementation






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