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This is the Open Dylan website.

It is built using Sphinx. All content is written using ReStructured Text with Sphinx extensions.


Before building this website, you will need a copy of Sphinx installed. The easiest way to do this is to get it from the Python Package Index or to use easy_install:

sudo easy_install -U Sphinx

You will also need html5lib installed so that the RSS feed generator can work:

sudo easy_install html5lib

You may also need python-dateutil. If so, make sure you install version 1.5 if you are using Python 2.x:

sudo easy_install python-dateutil==1.5


Building the website is easy on a system with make:


If you are on Windows, there is a make.bat as well. It currently requires that you run it with an argument:

make.bat html

The generated site will be in build/html. For the stylesheets and JavaScript to load correctly, we suggest running a local webserver pointing to this directory:

cd build/html
python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Link Validation

Sphinx also makes it easy to check that all of the links to external sites are valid. You can run the link checker by:

make linkcheck

Site Maintenance

New Binary Release

  1. Update the appropriate info on the download page.
  2. Add a recent news entry. (See below for notes on that.)

New News Entry

  1. Create an article about it (even if very short) in the appropriate date hierarchy in source/news. The hierarchy should be year/month/day. This article must have 2 metadata fields in it:

    :Author: Hannes Mehnert
    :Date: 2001-08-11 09:00:00
  2. Add it to source/news/

  3. If there are too many entries in that file, move some to source/news/index.rst.

  4. Confirm that the site's main page and news page both look good / correct.