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@framps framps released this Mar 10, 2018 · 104 commits to master since this release

  1. Improvements
    1.1. Restore termination improvement
    1.2. /boot can be on mmcblkNp0 where N can be > 0
    1.3. New option -B will save the boot partition in a tar file.
    1.4. New option -C will enable bad block checking when partitions are formatted.
    1.5. Option -U also considers available beta versions
    1.6. New optionparser allows to turn on and off all on/off options. For example -z turns on the zip mode as before and -z+ turns it on also but -z- turns it off. In addition options of the following format are now possible --optionsname.
    1.7. New option --noResizeRootFS and --resizeRootFS turn on and off the resizing of the root partition during restore
    1.8. New option --version displays the current version of raspiBackup
    1.9. Support of Volumio
    1.10. New option --timestamps enables timestamps in front of messages
    1.11. rc 23 and 24 from rsync are no longer accepted by raspiBackup

  2. Bugfixes
    2.1. -U check detects the current version is identical to the latest available version
    2.2. memory sample extension works also on Jessie
    2.3. perl no longer used

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