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2.0 Preview Release 3 (1.99.2) / 10 Apr 2008

  • Session properties [Jamis Buck]

  • Make channel open failure work with a callback so that failures can be handled similarly to successes [Jamis Buck]

2.0 Preview Release 2 (1.99.1) / 22 Mar 2008

  • Partial support for ~/.ssh/config (and related) SSH configuration files [Daniel J. Berger, Jamis Buck]

  • Added Net::SSH::Test to facilitate testing complex SSH state machines [Jamis Buck]

  • Reworked Net::SSH::Prompt to use conditionally-selected modules [Jamis Buck, suggested by James Rosen]

  • Added Channel#eof? and Channel#eof! [Jamis Buck]

  • Fixed bug in strict host key verifier on cache miss [Mike Timm]

2.0 Preview Release 1 (1.99.0) / 21 Aug 2007

  • First preview release of Net::SSH v2

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