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A fish-shell package to automatically receive notifications when long processes finish.
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A fish shell package to automatically receive notifications when long processes finish.

Stability: Stable Release version fish >=2.3.0 License: MIT

Just go on with your normal life. You will get a notification when a process takes more than 5 seconds finish, and the terminal window not in the foreground.

After installing you could type, for instance sleep 6, and start using other app. After 6 seconds you should get a notification.


Using Fisher

fisher add franciscolourenco/done


curl -Lo ~/.config/fish/functions/ --create-dirs
curl -Lo ~/.config/fish/conf.d/ --create-dirs


If you want notifications with icons on macOS, please install terminal-notifier

brew install terminal-notifier



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Only display notifications if a command takes more than a certain amount of time

`set -U __done_min_cmd_duration 5000  # default: 5000 ms`

Prevent specific commands from triggering notifications. Accepts a regex.

This is useful to exclude commands like git commit for instance, since it could trigger unwanted notifications if it is configured to use an external editor.

set -U __done_exclude 'git (?!push|pull)'  # default: all git commands, except push and pull. accepts a regex.

Execute a custom command instead of showing the default notifications

set -U __done_notification_command 'some custom command'




Done is MIT licensed. See LICENSE for details.

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