A wrapper around a subset of the Xlib C API for X11
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XSharp - A subset of the Xlib C API wrapped for Mono in C#

This library will eventually be used to port aewm++/mini window managers to C#/Mono 

NOTE: The XEvent structure is set to an explicit size of 192 for a 64bit system. Edit
that if you are on a 32 bit system to be half the size. I'll try to automate this later.

The code is rough, not everything works or is totally correct yet. No documentation. 

The contents of the monodevelop solution are:

- xsharp : The subset of the Xlib C API wrapped

- windowtest : A test application that tests a variety of functions within the library

- mini : The beginnings of a port of my C++ window manager mini to C#. The code is not complete
         and has not been tested. I am in the prototyping stage, raw porting of all code. This
         will help me fill in the missing parts to xsharp and get things working. The port
         is basically as close as a one for one as possible. As xsharp becomes more stable
         the API will evolve to be more C# like instead of C like.


Frank Hale <frankhale@gmail.com> aka majyk
           <http://github.com/frankhale> Me @ GitHub
           <irc.freenode.net> On IRC @ ##sandbox

Date: 16 June 2010

This code is released under the GNU GPL license version 3