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Gravity - a Sublime Text 3 UI theme.

The goal of this Sublime Text UI is to make a theme that feels right at home on macOS.

Version 3.5 - Theme code and assets clean up and a little polish


Gravity One

Reverse Gravity

Install using Package Control

You can easily install the Gravity theme by using Package Control from the Command Palette:

  1. Enter Package Control: Install Package
  2. Search for Theme - Gravity

Appling Gravity theme

Activating the theme

Using the Command Palette, search for UI: Select Theme and select one of the following:

  • Gravity.sublime-theme
  • Gravity One.sublime-theme
  • Reverse Gravity.sublime-theme

To use any of the following, open your settings from the menu Preferences > Settings - User

Apply the macOS title bar (new featured added to Sublime Text 3):

"gravity_title_bar": true

Apply one of the two UI Tab height options:

"gravity_tab_height_tall": true
"gravity_tab_height_short": true

Apply the blue highlight color:

"gravity_highlight_color_blue": true

Apply the sidebar header (padding):

"gravity_sidebar_header": true

Syntax color schemes

Monokai Gravity

Shown in the Gravity screen-shot above.

  1. To apply, search for UI: Select Color Scheme using the Command Palette
  2. Select Monokai Gravity

One Dark Gravity

This scheme was forked from Timothy de Jongh's Github and is shown in the Gravity One screen-shot above.

  1. To apply, search for UI: Select Color Scheme using the Command Palette
  2. Select One Dark Gravity


Shown in the Reverse Gravity screen-shot above, it is one of the One Half Color Schemes created by Son A. Pham

App icon

Sublime Text 3 app icon replacements designed to fit perfectly in the macOS dock.

Download the orange or white app icon.

Download the orange or white app icon with outset outlines.

You can also download the Sublime Text 2 versions.

To install the app icon:

  1. Select Sublime Text in your Applications folder.
  2. From the Finder menu, select File > Get Info
  3. Drag the .icns file on top of the default Sublime Text icon in the Get Info window.

Trouble shooting

1) Font descenders are cut off in the file UI tabs

Apply this setting to your Settings - User file.

"gravity_tab_font_small": true

2) The "Find" feature appears to be hidden behind the status bar.

When switching themes in Sublime Text, it will retain the height for the Find bar set in the previous theme. Sometimes this will cause the bar to appear hidden behind the status bar.

To fix, simply grab the bar and pull-up.

3) Missing sidebar icons.

Installing and switching themes in Sublime Text may cause some sidebar icons to not show. Disabling installed/inactive themes via Package Control should fix the issue.

Usage license

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


A Sublime Text 3 theme that feels right at home on macOS



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