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The QDriverStation is a cross-platform and open-source alternative to the FRC Driver Station. It allows you to operate FRC robots with the major operating systems (Windows, Mac OSX and GNU/Linux). The QDriverStation is able to operate both 2009-2014 robots and 2015-2017 robots.

The actual code that operates a FRC robot is found in a separate repository, which is written in C and can be used for your own projects or change it to support more communication protocols (such as ROS).

You can find the online documentation of the QDriverStation and its sub-projects here.

Install notes

You can download the QDriverStation from GitHub.

Once you finish installing the software, you can launch it and begin driving your robot. Just be sure to input your team number and to verify that the joysticks are working correctly.

Mac users will be prompted to download an additional driver for Xbox 360 controllers to work.

Note for Linux users

If you happen to use ArchLinux, lopsided98 configured a repository for this project.

If you are on Solus you can install it through the software center or type 'sudo eopkg it qdriverstation' in the terminal.

Until very recently, I did not generate Debian packages. Dakota Keeler provided a package for version 0.14 and made a video tutorial on how to compile the QDriverstation, which you may find very helpful.


If you are on Linux, the QDriverStation may detect some devices as a joystick (more info...). If that happens, just disable the faulty device by clicking on the power button next to its name.

Build instructions


The only requirement to compile the application is to have Qt installed in your system. The desktop application will compile with Qt 5.2 or greater.

  • If you are using Linux, make sure that you have installed the following packages:
    • libsdl2-dev

The project already contains the compiled SDL libraries for Windows and Mac.

Compiling the application

Once you have Qt installed, open in Qt Creator and click the "Run" button.

Alternatively, you can also use the following commands:

  • qmake
  • make
  • Optional: sudo make install

You can check this tutorial by Dakota Keeler to compile the QDriverStation.


This application was created by Alex Spataru.

Of course, many people contributed in different ways to this project, you can find more details in the contributors list. Finally, we want to thank you for trying this little project, we sincerely hope that you enjoy our application and we would love some of your feedback.