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📈 Ruby library for fetching data from The Blue Alliance API (v3).


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1418 TBA Libraries // Python // Go // Ruby

Ruby library for interfacing with The Blue Alliance API (v3).

NOTE: tba vs tbarb, v3, and breaking changes

On January 1st, 2018, v2 of The Blue Alliance's API was folded in favor of the new v3. The API supports numerous new and helpful features, however it uses endpoints which are incompatible with libraries designed for v2.

A related note on naming: Prior to the v3 update, this package was known as tba.rb on git and tba in RubyGems. As part of the rewrite required for the new API, the name of this package was changed to tbarb, both on git and RubyGems. The old package is still available through RubyGems as tba, however using it is not recommended as the package is not functional after 2017.

For potentially breaking function name changes, see tbapy's README.


Add tbarb to your Gemfile.

gem 'tbarb'

and then run

bundle install

in the same directory as the Gemfile.

Or install directly from RubyGems:

gem install tbarb


To use these functions, you must require the tba gem:

require 'tbarb'

Before using the API, you must instantiate the class, providing a valid TBA auth key. You can obtain one here.

tba ='key')

Retrieval Functions

You may specify simple as true to get only vital data on some models or lists of models, or you may specify keys as true to get a list of the keys for a list rather than full data on each model. It is recommended to use these options if you do not need full data.

Some requests support year and other optional parameters, which are recommended to use to narrow down your results.

  • tba.status() - Get TBA's status.
  • tba.teams(page, [year], [simple/keys]) - Get a list of of valid teams, where page * 500 is the starting team number.
  •, [simple]) - Get a team's data. team can be an integer team number of a string-form 'frc####' identifier.
  • tba.team_events(team, [year], [simple/keys]) - Get a list of events a team has been to.
  • tba.team_awards(team, [event/year]) - Get a list of the team's awards.
  • tba.team_matches(team, [event/year], [simple/keys]) - Get a list of a team's matches at an event.
  • tba.team_years(team) - Get a list of years the team was active in FRC.
  • tba.team_media(team, [year], [tag]) - Get team media. Specify a year to get media from or a tag or both.
  • tba.team_robots(team) - Get data about a team's robots.
  • tba.team_districts(team) - Get the districts that a team has been part of over the years.
  • tba.team_profiles(team) - Get data on a team's media profiles.
  • tba.team_status(team, event) - Get a team's status at an event.
  •[year], [simple/keys]) - Get a list of all events.
  • tba.event(event, [simple]) - Get data about an event.
  • tba.event_rankings(event) - Gets a list of team rankings at a given event.
  • tba.event_alliances(event) - Get sophisticated data on alliances at a given event.
  • tba.event_district_points(event) - Get sophisticated data on district points at a given event.
  • tba.event_insights(event) - Get insight data on a given event.
  • tba.event_oprs(event) - Get sophisticated data on alliances at a given event.
  • tba.event_predictions(event) - Get predicted scores for a given event.
  • tba.event_teams(event, [simple/keys]) - Get a list of teams at an event.
  • tba.event_awards(event) - Get the awards from an event.
  • tba.event_matches(event, [simple/keys]) - Get a match list of an event.
  • tba.match([key], [year], [event], [type], [number], [round], [simple]) - Get data about a match. You may either pass the match's key directly, or pass year, event, type, match (the match number), and round if applicable (playoffs only). The event year may be specified as part of the event key or specified in the year parameter.
  • tba.districts(year) - Get a list of all districts that exist(ed) in a given year.
  • tba.district_events(district, [simple/keys]) - Get list of events in a district.
  • tba.district_rankings(district) - Get the rankings in a district.
  • tba.district_teams(district, [simple/keys]) - Get a list of the teams in a district.

See example.rb for several usage examples.

Documentation for The Blue Alliance's API can be found here.


This software was created and is maintained by Erik Boesen with Team 1418.


This software is protected under the MIT License.