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A LESS implementation of the Base16 color system by Chris Kempson
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A LESS implementation of the Base16 color schemes, originally by Chris Kempson.


Download the ZIP or install with bower:

bower install base16-less

How to use

Inside the /base16 directory are a number of Base16 color theme files. Include one of them in your project to get access to color variables.

These are the available variable names:

// Grayscale
@base00 @base01 @base02 @base03 @base04 @base05 @base06 @base07

// Colors
@base08 @base09 @base0A @base0B @base0C @base0D @base0E @base0F

Themes included

By Bram de Haan

  • Atelier Dune
  • Atelier Forest
  • Atelier Heath
  • Atelier Lakeside
  • Atelier Seaside

By Chris Kempson

  • Bright
  • Chalk
  • Default
  • Eighties
  • Greenscreen
  • Mocha
  • Ocean
  • Pop
  • Tomorrow

By Wimer Hazenberg

  • Monokai

By Ryan Bates

  • Railscasts

By Ethan Schoonover

  • Solarized

By Fredrik Broman

  • Android

Bootstrap integration

Do you build your own Bootstrap? Include either one of light.less or dark.less from the /base16-bootstrap/ directory together with one of the theme files to apply a Base16 color theme. Here's how

// Import Bootstrap
@import "bootstrap";

// Apply a Base16 theme
@import "base16/default"
@import "base16-bootstrap/bright"
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