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Misc stuff about paraglider logger
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Misc stuff about paraglider logger


  • Exploring data-loggers possibilities for an application in the EN flight test norm.
  • Testing and judging the reliabilyty of the dataloggers , and assess theirs adavantges and their limits.
  • Collect datas in view to propose criteria for the norm.

Project road:

  1. Hardware selection

    • IMU
    • Gps
    • battery and power board
    • plastic case
    • pitot tube (if needed)
    • keyboard (or input method , to tag specific manoeuvre in the log and to discard the badly executed ones)
    • telemetry (if needed? to send live data to ground.)
  2. Validations indoor: Before going in the air some points needed to be validate to trust the recorded data.

    feature validation method description
    Quaternions - pitch, roll pendulum Overlaying a animation based on data and a video recording the experience.
    Quaternions - yaw Slow rotating table Overlaying a animation based on data and a video recording the experience.
    Horizon level stability Fast rotating table Check that the artificial horizon is not tilted under rotation acceleration.
    Sync GPS between devices shock table Needed to link data from pilot and wing.
    Position-orientation reconstruction - Reconstruction of the travel and orientation on the screen.
    Sync with camera - Check the possibility to sync the data with video recording (using camera with gps), useful to debug in air.
  3. Validation in the air: Before trusting the data for interpreting the manoeuvre, we need to confirm different points, to be sure we recorded the good stuff.

    feature validation method description
    Position in the harness ? Check the best placement in the harness for IMU measurement and the GPS reception.
    Position in the glider ? Check the sensibility to glider deformation.
    Number of devices ? Check if two device are really needed.
  4. Possible outputs: Here a list of possible pertinent output, that should be tested for their revelancy .

    • From simple measure
      • g force []
      • altitude lost [m]
      • recovery time [s]
      • speed ( need pitot) [m/s]
    • Medium one:
      • course change [°]
      • sink rate at point [m/s]
      • g force at point []
    • to hard one
      • angle [°]
      • angle speed [°/s]
      • angle acceleration [°/s2]
      • angle jerk [°/s3]

5. final specs

Creating environment:

Working on :

  • Linux Mint : 18.3 - 19.1
  • python : 3.7
  • anaconda : 4.7.11

Setting up the python env

conda create --name paralogger

conda install -n paralogger pip
conda install --name paralogger pylint

conda cativate paralogger

conda install -c conda-forge pyulog
conda install pandas
conda install -c bokeh bokeh
conda install -c anaconda scipy
conda install -c conda-forge matplotlib 

Misc ( to run PX4 preview):

conda install -c conda-forge pyfftw
conda install -c conda-forge simplekml
conda install -c mikesilva smopy

To check:

conda list -n paralogger

Organisation of the code

So far just a bunch of scripts.


More infos will be shared, better it will be.

So far this repo issues section will be used and the significant info/progress will be collected in this repo wiki.

Dead line:

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