A collection of patches for Ruby - any implementation. Install with RVM!
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ruby-patches: Customize Your Ruby!

Ever wish you had a literal syntax for an array of symbols, like %w()? Kind of like this:

syms = %S[foo bar baz]  #=> syms == [:foo, :bar, :baz]

There's a patch for that (courtesy of Aaron Patterson).

What about Ruby 1.9's label syntax, but for quoted symbols and interpolation? Like this:

x = 'hello'
{foo: 1, 'bar-baz': 2, "#{x}-world": 3}

There's a patch for that!

Want to try out Refinements, a feature proposed for Ruby 2.0? There's a patch for that, too! (courtesy of Shugo Maeda)

Want an easy way to use these patches? Use rvm:

rvm install 1.9.2-head --patch example/foo.diff -n fooruby
rvm install 1.9.2-head --patch example/foo.diff,example/bar.diff -n sillyruby

Be sure to patch the correct interpreter for a given patch! A tiny shell wrapper is in the works, too, just to make some mistakes harder to make.

The Point of ruby-patches

I'd just like a central place where patches to Ruby go before they get merged into respective projects. A GitHub repository makes as much sense as anything else to that end. Any patch is welcome, be it a bug fix that hasn't landed yet, a random new syntax change, whole new language features - whatever you like!

Submitting a Patch

Any Ruby implementation is fine - if you have a JRuby patch, submit away! Here's what you do:

  1. Fork this repository.
  2. Pick a descriptive but not onerous name for your patch.
  3. Add a directory with that name under the correct target implementation
  4. Add your patch to that directory, with picked_name.diff as the filename.
  5. Add at least a minimal README.md file to the directory, saying what the patch does. If you want to take credit for your patch, leave it here!
  6. Send a pull request!

While I don't have any patches for some implementations as yet, the directory structure is already set up. Which might be disappointing at first glance.

Disclaimer/Legal Stuff

All submitted patches are placed under the MIT License. All submitted README.md documents are placed under CC SA-BY 3.0. You should assume these patches could do horrible things! I'll be looking over any patches to try to eliminate actually malicious code, but one should assume danger lurks with a manually-patched language implementation.

On that note, have fun!