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scissorsneedfoodtoo and raisedadead fix(challenges): Remove duplicate Rosetta Code sorting problems (#35547)
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This PR is to remove duplicate Rosetta Code sorting problems that exist in other parts of the curriculum. Here are the problems that are being removed: 
* Sorting algorithms/Bubble sort
* Sorting algorithms/Counting sort
* Sorting algorithms/Heapsort
* Sorting algorithms/Insertion sort
* Sorting algorithms/Merge sort
* Sorting algorithms/Quicksort
* Sorting algorithms/Radix sort
* Sorting algorithms/Selection sort

This PR only removes the challenges in English. I could remove the other languages in this PR, or in another PR.

Closes #34776
Latest commit 3e51ced Mar 21, 2019
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api-server chore(tools): add user in container and fix debug of api-server Mar 15, 2019
client Correct paddings in inline code blocks (#35497) Mar 20, 2019
curriculum fix(challenges): Remove duplicate Rosetta Code sorting problems (#35547) Mar 21, 2019
docs fix: effective date in docs from 2018 to 2019 Mar 15, 2019
guide added when while loop is used (#34128) Mar 21, 2019
tools fix: Enforce lowercase usernames for profile queries Mar 6, 2019
.eslintrc.json fix: set a max-len rule for eslint Feb 25, 2019
.node-inspectorrc twitter username now persisted Oct 14, 2014
.prettierrc feat: use prettier with eslint Feb 19, 2019
.snyk fix(snyk): Updated patches for vulnerabilities Jul 2, 2018
.travis.yml Fix: Current challenge timeout (#35352) Feb 22, 2019
.vcmrc feat: enforce conventional commit messages Jul 13, 2017 Corrected spelling of "available" (#19978) Oct 18, 2018 Add GREEK docs folder and (#30597) Dec 29, 2018
Dockerfile.tests Adjusted Copyright to 2019 (#34790) Jan 2, 2019 docs(readme): rename french readme Jan 15, 2019 docs(readme): rename italian readme Jan 15, 2019
docker-compose-shared.yml feat: Allows sharing of network (#16937) Mar 30, 2018
docker-compose.tests.yml chore(tools): use data volumes for node_modules Mar 15, 2019
docker-compose.yml chore(tools): use data volumes for node_modules Mar 15, 2019
netlify.toml fix(netlify): Reduce build time now we are publishing required packages Oct 5, 2018
package.json chore(tools): use data volumes for node_modules Mar 15, 2019
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Certifications offers several free developer certifications. Each of these certifications involves building 5 required web app projects, along with hundreds of optional coding challenges to help you prepare for those projects. We estimate that each certification will take a beginning programmer around 300 hours to earn.

Each of these 30 projects in the curriculum has its own agile user stories and automated tests. These help you build up your project incrementally and ensure you've fulfilled all the user stories before you submit it.

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The one exception to this is in the event that we discover violations of our Academic Honesty Policy. When we catch people unambiguously plagiarizing (submitting other people's code or projects as their own without citation), we do what all rigorous institutions of learning should do - we revoke their certifications and ban those people.

Here are our six core certifications:

1. Responsive Web Design Certification

2. JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification

3. Front End Libraries Certification

4. Data Visualization Certification

5. APIs and Microservices Certification

6. Information Security and Quality Assurance Certification

Full Stack Development Certification

Once you have earned all 6 of these certifications, you'll be able to claim your Full Stack Development Certification. This final distinction signifies that you’ve completed around 1,800 hours of coding with a wide range of web development tools.

Legacy Certifications

We also have 3 legacy certifications from our 2015 curriculum, which are still available. All of the required projects for these legacy certifications will remain available on

  • Legacy Front End Development Certification
  • Legacy Data Visualization Certification
  • Legacy Back End Development Certification

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