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CONTRIBUTING: disallow signed git commits

They break bzr-git, and bzr-git breaks the Minetest PPAs.
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est31 committed Apr 17, 2016
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@@ -25,6 +25,7 @@ If you are planning to start some significant coding, you would benefit from ask
- Have a title which begins with a capital letter
- Be descriptive. (e.g. no `Update init.lua` or `Fix a problem`)
- Have a first line with less than *80 characters* and have a second line that is *empty*
- Do **not** [sign your commits](, as Minetest offers automatically built ppas over launchpad and it [would break]( if there were signed commits in master
4. Once you are happy with your changes, submit a pull request.
- Open the [pull-request form](

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