basic JavaScript/CSS minifier written in Python
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thinIt is a basic JavaScript (.js) / CSS (.css) minifier written in Python.

Syntax: [filename] ["optional comment text"]

For filename, include the path if the file is not in the current directory (with quotes, if there are spaces). optional comment text is used if you want to insert a comment as the first line of the minified file, for example to include the file name, version number, date, brief description, etc.

Typing help will bring up a brief help screen.

thinIt has rudimentary support for Python (.py*) and VBScript (.vb*) files as well. For Python it removes blank lines and lines that begin with a comment, and for VBScript it removes blank lines, lines that begin with a comment, and indentations. Support for Python docstring comments will be coming in a future version.


  • Python 2.7.x

screen shot

thinIt is versioned using Semantic Versioning.