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Fork of git:// to integrate the opus codec
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android Fix FS#12706 - paths for backdrops and icons were not pr…
apps Undo stack increase hack (should not be necessary anymore)
backdrops cabbiev2 for rk27xx generic design target
bootloader rk27xx: support entering rkusb mode on rk2706A
debian Prepare new, unofficial maemo build
docs FS#12707 - [PATCH] Last missing strings in Catalan translation
firmware Revert my previous commit disabling the internal ROM clock during normal
flash Add KEEP() around vectors in linker scripts.
fonts Remove superfluous executable bits on a bunch of files.
gdb Generate C file / header for svn version string
icons wpsbuild: Rewrite to fix various issues and support .fms
lib Sync opus to upstream snapshot 2012-09-15
manual shortcuts: Remove the selected shortcut with the context menu button
packaging Move rockbox.desktop to a better place.
rbutil Add quotes around APPVERSION to avoid issues when it has spaces.
tools Add the ipod 6g (classic) to
uisimulator Fix warnings and errors in sdl builds.
utils zenutils/update_extract: make sure the archive is valid
wps WPSLIST: fix default font for 400x240x16 target
.gitattributes Add a gitattributes file for the migration.
.gitignore Add *.o and *.a to .gitignore
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