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Friendica Communications Platform
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doc Update
images adopting red matrix iconography for red#
include Merge pull request #1715 from rabuzarus/theme_uid
js rework mod/ping and desktop notification logic
library RINO 2 based on php-encryption
mod Merge pull request #1726 from rabuzarus/acl-var
mods Cleanup mods folder and remove privacy_image_cache from docs. fix #1151
object Removed Google Maps
spec missing $submit
tests rev update, fix autoname test "random" failure
util update util/messages.po
view DE update to the strings
.gitattributes Required for github/Windows
.gitignore Moved the "test" folder to "local"
.gitmodules adjust2
.htaccess API: The command "users/search" is now supported.
CHANGELOG small updates to CHANGELOG
INSTALL.txt Typo
LICENSE rev update move READMEs to .md, added some notes about addon translations fixes a few typos
Vagrantfile made vagrant partly work again
boot.php Update version
build.xml added some tests
convert_innodb.sql sql script to ccnvert all tables to innodb
database.sql Fixes slow performance after one of the last pull requests.
docblox.dist.xml Added docblox default configuration file.
friendica_test_data.sql Added mysql dump with some test data. Not imported by default.
htconfig.php remove RINO from htconfig.php
index.php New page setting for the maximum frontend load value.
testargs.php Replaced $argv and $argc with the $_SERVER array
update.php Fixes slow performance after one of the last pull requests.

Friendica Social Communications Server

Welcome to the free social web.

Friendica is a communications platform for integrated social communications utilising decentralised communications and linkage to several indie social projects - as well as popular mainstream providers.

Our mission is to free our friends and families from the clutches of data-harvesting corporations, and pave the way to a future where social communications are free and open and flow between alternate providers as easily as email does today.

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