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docker-compose configurations examples for traefik


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traefik examples

In this repo I want to report my experiences with traefik in my home network. All the configurations (if possible) are made with docker-compose so you have fewer places where you have to make changes.

In my network I need some services and the most are on docker but with the change that browsers don't like http anymore, I need a way to configure httpS for all the services and I don't like to remember the port for every specific site. The solution is a reverse proxy and I have found with traefik a nice solution.

Getting Started


All this examples are based on traefik version 2.x.

  • basic: installation of traefik with SSL trough Let's Encrypt
  • oauth: use OAuth to protect a site with Google login
  • fileprovider: connect trough traefik a server not in docker
  • dashboard: dashboard connection with api.insecure=false
  • authelia: SSO and 2FA with a local server
  • tcp: TCP entry point for non HTTP services
  • mTLS: securing services with mutual TLS (mTLS)
  • Guacamole: installing guide for Guacamole
  • Ping: check the traefik status with an http ping
  • Nextcloud: personal office online with ONLYOFFICE
  • network segregation: segment the traffic of containers
  • multiple domains: multi domain pointing to a single container
  • HTTP3: use HTTP3 (Traefik V3)
  • Tailscale: certificate from Tailscale (Traefik V3)


  1. For each example there is a separate folder, copy this files to your machine.

  2. In the root directory of this repo there is a variable file var.env. Download it and rename in .env. The most configurations options specific for your installation are in this file. You can copy it to every example you want to try.

  3. In the docker-compose.yml you find all the configuration to generate and configure the docker containers.

  4. In every example folder you find a with a guide to the relative case.

Files & Folders structure of examples

├── FileProvider             # folder for dynamic traefik configuration (server not in docker)
│   └── file-provider.toml   # dynamic config file
├── .env                     # variable for docker-compose.yml
├── acme.json                # Let's Encrypt SSL certificates
└── docker-compose.yml

Help me

If you find a problem in this guide or in the configurations files you can open an issue on GitHub. Thanks!