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A REST client for almost any web service (Firefox and Chrome Extension)
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A REST client for almost any web service.

Download for: Firefox | Chrome

You can...

  • perform HTTP requests with any method, URL, body and custom headers.
  • save favorite requests and organize them in collections.
  • view a history of your requests, which includes the full request and response.

The add-on supports the following goodies:

  • Create and save your authorization headers with Basic or OAuth2 authentication.
  • Use placeholders in saved requests.
  • Use shortcuts for the frequently used actions (try pressing "?" to see the available shortcuts for the current context).

It requires a few permissions to do this. Which permissions and why?



The project requires:

  • node >= 10
  • yarn >= 1

Install all other dependencies with the command:

yarn install


WebExtensions enfore a content security policy (CSP) for all sites in the add-on, which does not allow inline scripts. However, as the main site uses Polymer, a big amount of the JavaScript is written as inline scripts. This affects both the add-on code itself and dependencies.

To make the browser load the add-on, you should run:

yarn start

This will generate a working add-on in the folder .build, where all JavaScript code is extracted into separate script files. It will also watch files for changes and update the folder accordingly.

To load the add-on in the browser:

  • Firefox: Go to about:debugging, click on "Load Temporary Add-on" and select the file manifest.json inside the .build folder.
  • Chrome: Go to chrome://extensions, check the box "Developer mode", click on "Load unpacked extension..." and select the folder .build.


To create packages for AMO and the Chrome Web Store run:

yarn build
yarn lint
yarn test
yarn test:e2e
yarn package

Afterwards you will find the generated files in the folder .package.


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